Download Free Latest Clash of Clans 11.651.19V For Android APK

Clash of clans:
Clash of Clans apk(COC) is the free mobile crucial game developed by Finnish game developer supercell. The game was published in ios platform August 2, 2012 and playstore for Android on October 7 2013

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What is clash of clans?

Clash of Clans mod apk (COC) is the crucial gaming application the (clash) violence and damaging of the property that members may build and fourtyfive villagers were also establish to secure there clans(a group of members of families). When playing the clash of clans apk the real graphic or real time naturally exprences will  come. Clash of clans mod apk will play with computer, and real life user players.

According to the title of clash of cans mod apk the game which will be armed conflict between the racial Of people which may gives the user gets impressive of violence of damage with real ecostic fightings of soldiers with the graphics. Player is the head of the town. They have to build their own town.

Players may select and unit with existent of the clan they may also join with their own and propose to their friends. Clans may have to prepare their own strategies to establish attack of the other clans
They can undertake the guard for themselves to save the remaining clans of villagers by using the bombs, expliod weapons, missiles, traps, cannons and walls. In the warfare they have own startagies to protect them from the other clans.

Clash of Clans apk is the free downloaded and online game and playing with the multiple players they may communicate with other players. Players may know as clans, troops etc. Which they can earn resources named as gold, elixir. To earning of gems that may helpful to the build the building and protecting of the clans villagers to fight against to the other clans

Main Features :

1) create of your own rule of kingdom into for impossible to stronghold.
2) combat with the total world players gain their trophies with best way of play.
3) You may also invite your friends to build up the clans.
4) Establish the army, archers dragons and other gigantic warriors.
5) War against to the opposing clans by strength of clan wars.
6) Explore of your strategy of game play strick the army of troops, spells and clan reinforcement.
7) Protect your clan villagers with help of cannons, bombs, traps and walls.
8) Give battle against to the Goblin King of campaign.

Advantages and disadvantages:
Clash of Clans apk is the free game with best features playing game as been expect of deep time of playing.
This apk game is quit good for free and high quality of graphics of user interface to the mobile
Clash of Clans apk is the best Adventures and startagic game play with having the graphic purely.
The performance was very stable and gentle
For the tablets, android devices.
The features may fantastic you can communicate with the other player while playing the game with great experiences.
The difficulties is with Goblin Kingdom bombs and troops may restrictions which may capable of war.

Clash of Clans apk for Begginers Tips :

Clash of Clans apk is the famous game play of warriors of fighting with other clans build or worker. The most important play is to remove of other villagers source. If the clans of the players may busy with the build of building then can loose the loots of what before they use. Players had to keep strategy and proper plan to safe gaurd to their villagers and build their families then defend also as possible with hurried. Clans may handle the gems to build up with in the shorten time.
In clash of clans apk the villagers may attack the other villagers with weapons of source to earn gold mine or gold. By earning the gold they may redevelop and protect themself. Players may not to forget the incomplete of the missions to earning of the gems to building.
Joining with the other players the players may brought the instructions to make the clan build and village strong. Gaining and transferring of the troops may get easy by doing that clan may grow up speed.
When the villagers may growing up then able to build the new building which will provides the resources or new tools to defence. Villagers may has to focused on leveling that means they had different stages to grow. Protecting and safe gaurd of the villagers is the important thing they may build or defend while attacking from the enemies. The players may get a notification that someone may attacked of clans families that time clans will plan and ready to face the defences when the enemies forward to clans. Destroying of the other clans resources that may villagers has to rebuild their building click on the graves it will be displayed.


Download the latest Free TutuApp Apk_THE BEST Android, iOS & PC- TuTuApp HELPER EVER

Tutu application is different app store for user mobiles. TuTu App is fundamentally Chinese application and they may currently launch with proper modifications in English versions of applications.

What is Tutu application?
TuTu application is the one of best popular apk store that Same related to the android and iOS store. It may excess best premium application store of spending without money. TuTu App may gives  premium games and applications for the free. We will provide that it understand and how tutu application works with proper safe articled.
The main thing of this application is gives you hacked versions of games. TuTu Application collection has gained famous in now a days
With hacked offer to popular games.
TuTu application may gives you the best features of the that might not seen in other application stores while comparing to Tutu application stores. The tutu application works without difficulty across android and iOS devices. The only application store had 1st hacked of the pokemon game.

What make famous choice?
It superior to providing some best features that offer for users. TuTu application is one the app which ready to use to run in different platforms. TuTu application may available in the ios, Andriod and PCs.
It is easy to use interface and simple functionality that make good selection to download the clash of cans and other famous games related. TuTu App may provide you unfavourable Navigations.

How to download and install Tutu app on user mobile?
TuTu application is ready to use in both android and iOS devices. To installation of the application has to fallow   some steps in user device.

In Andriod devices

1st you may go to settings and select the security settings click on the open source to allow the permissions to enable and select the place of location that depends on the software verision of the user device.
Visit to  download and install by seeing the above steps.

In ios devices
Open the safari browser on ios device like iPhone, ipad,ios laptops. Make note that this not work in other browser sites.
Open www.Tutu app. Com download and install with freely

On your iPhone
Launch Safari browser on your iPhone. Please note that the steps may not work on any other browser.
Downlaod and install the application

The tutu app store may not need to root   the devices both Andriod and iOS. The application may runs freely and without having any issues.

The main features of the Tutu application

The Tutu application is the great interface and simple of understandable of the app store. The main feature of this application is free to download of the premium applications. It was not available in the other app store while comparing. It may provide the best premium apps for free download.
TuTu application also provides the hacked versions of paided applications and famous games. The user devices may not root of the android devices or iOS. TuTu App may provide various tools to better function of the smartphone. TuTu App which also cleans the unnecessary files of the user Device it may increase the speed the device. TuTu tools box is helpful for optimize and backup the files with all the information to the device. TuTu application is also shares files to other devices through the WiFi and xender need not install apps other with highly storage.

The major  defects of this applications is the asks  the user permission is like calls, read and send sms etc. With the permission nothing will done but the assurance of the respect of privacy may not. Till to now no reports aganist to this app. The user may has to be in full of security and privacy means this application may not be useful. For the android marshmallow version devices and above can decline the permissions.

Advantages of Tutu app:

The Tutu app is reliable app for user device to clean tools to protect mobile from the various viruses and dangerous malwares be gaurd to the Ram also. This may user device will not be hanged out anymore increases the speed of the mobile. TuTu App also gives the many features of various hacking tricks to the clash of cans various premium games.
While using the Tutu app it can avoid the ads can search or work anything free. While installing of Tutu app in the ios device it will not ask the apple I’d or any password the user may directly use the application. Now a days many rumours spread by the people to not use Tutu app giving the false statement. It is a user friendly app and trustable can every user can understand the interface and easy to know this application. It may use daily like boosting the mobile, speed of ram, protect device various viruses and free to download including of the all the applications stores in Tutu app.

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Unblock Tamilrockers Sites- 2019 List of TamilRockers unblock mirrors/proxies | Free Movie Stream…

Tamil Rockers:

Tamil Rockers have been started in the year of 2011. This Tamil Rockers is known as the pirated site which is used to provide you the premium content for free. Mostly Tamil Rockers is used to publish the latest movies for free in each and every language. Moreover it is used to cover movies in many of the languages, But most of its content will be covered by the Bollywood as well as south Indian movies.

Tamil Rockers is also used to post bootleg recordings on their websites. Bootleg recordings is nothing but the copy of the audios or the videos which are not even released officially.

So, Because of these types of illegal activities Tamil Rockers has been faced many of the copy right infringements and in that case it was banned by the government of India and also in many of the countries.

In such cases you can able to unblock the Tamil Rockers by using different ways. Mostly it is used to unblock by using VPN services or it can also be unlocked by using the proxy sites. 

When you want to enter into the Tamil Rockers proxy site list first you need to know about the proxy sites. 

How To Download Movies From TamilRockers & Secure Tricks To Open TR Websites

Proxy Sites:

Proxy sites is nothing but the exact mirror image of the websites. In an simple words it is an other duplicate site of the main website. Which is used to maintained on the different domains. So in that case these proxy sites are used to maintained by the different domains. And also these proxy sites are used to be maintained by the main staff of the website and used to provide the pirated content to each and every user when the main domain or the main website is blocked or banned by the government of the different countries. 

Basic Use Of The Tamil Rockers Proxy Sites:

Mostly these proxy will be on market only when the main domain of the any website is banned by the government of the any country. So in that situation you can able to use the proxy sites. Based on this you can able to use the Tamil Rockers Proxy site just to unblock Tamil Rockers main website content when it is banned by the government. 

You Can Able To Unblock The Tamil Rockers By using These Following Sites:

 Based on the recent issues we have provided you the some trusted as well as the working proxy sites for Tamil Rockers. At the time when you want to use this proxy sites you need to confirm that you have added ads blocker plugin. Most you know that how unknowing these popup ads are. 

  • TamilRockers Proxy Site 1.
  • TamilRocker Unblocker 
  • Best TamilRocker Proxy site 2.
  • TamilRocker Mirror Site
  • Tamil Rocker Mirror Site 3.

Is Government Can Able To Ban TamilRockers Proxy Sites?:

Usually, it is really impossible to ban each and every proxy site because in these days each and every day a new proxy site just pop-ups. Similarly is the case with Tamil Rockers. At the time when you fail to access with the Tamil Rockers, then you need to use the Tamil Rockers proxy server or the mirror site. And when you get any government issue then you need to try for the another server. Because another servers can able to work without any problem. You can able to find the little difference between the various servers is nothing but speed of the data transmission and ping rate. 

Best Way To Unblock Tamil Rockers Using VPN:

VPN is known as the virtual private network. which is also known as the one of the secure way to access the blocked websites. Most importantly it is used to keep your internet activity hidden from the ISP. By using the VPN’s you can able to easily reach down to the Tamil Rockers Website with out any complication. 

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Steps To Use VPN For Tamil Rockers:

  • Firstly you need to download and install the best VPN available.
  • Then you need to enable your VPN kill switch if you VPN got.
  • After that you need to connect to a VPN server preferably in a P2P friendly country.
  • Finally, when the connection is established then you need to open the Tamil Rockers and enjoy the downloading.

Best Way To Unblock Each And Every Site With The Help Of The TOR Browser:

Generally, this is known as the one of the best way to unblock the any type of the banned site. Moreover Tor browser is known as the one of the best browser to browse the internet anonymously. Most importantly it will use the onion routing method just to route your access request by using multiple locations. Most importantly this was first introduced by the US Navy and made public in the 1990’s. So in that case you need to follow the below steps to unblock any type of site.

  • Firstly you need to download the Tor browser from this article.
  • After complition of the downloading process you need to extract the Zip file.
  • Immediately you need to install it by clicking next and next.
  • Finally, when you are connected to the TOR network, So that you are ready to access the any type of site.

Tamil Rockers Income:

The major source of the Tamil Rockers income is using displaying advertisement. Moreover Google adsense will not support these types of the piracy contents, most importantly the primary source of their earning is popup ads. Most importantly they are unpopular popup ads network which are used for earning money such as popAds, popMyAds, propeller ads media, Dynamic oxygen, Exit juncton, Buzz Bizz, Blacklabel ads. Because they used to leak the trending movies in that case they used to get a huge traffic. However we don’t have any exact data of their earning stat, But for sure they are earning a lot of money out f it. 

Motive Of The Tamil Rockers:

Major motive of the Tamil Rockers is nothing but to available the movie for the general people who are unable to afford the movie ticket or any premium subscriptions of online movie streaming websites. Many of the celebrities and also the big stars will not make any statements on Tamil Rockers, Because these people to know how to take the revenge. And also many of the producers have filed a many complaints, In that case each and every time the government used to take the action against their domains but they used to come with a domain extension. 

2019 TamilRockers | Now HD Download All Languages Movies, Musics, Shows With latest Updated New Links

Need Of A Proxy Server To Use Tamil Rockers Website:

Basically, it is totally safe to use a proxy and also you can able to download your favourite stuff from the Tamil Rockers and movie downloading sites such as Tamilgun, isaimini, 123mkv, tamilyogi, extra movies, movierulz, movies flix, movies web, and many more.

Final Verdict:

Tamil Rockers can able to accessed by using these proxy links and also mirror sites or the links and also with the growth rate of the Tamil Rockers, Most importantly Tamil Rockers is one of the best movie downloading website in India and also it will continue to be one of the leading torrent sites in India. In this article we also informed you easy steps to unblock the Tamil Rockers. 


YIFY Proxy – Fastest & 100% Safe Proxies And Mirrors sites | FAQ’s & 13 Alternative’s


Download V 5.5 YIFY Browser Apk for Android ...

If you’re a movie lover then sure you have go to “ymovies” if you have not missed any latest or old movies yet. is also known as YIFY Proxy/Proxy or YIFY Movies, is the best location to download/stream video’s. YIFy is a haven for all movie lover’s who want to download Hollywood movies in 720p, 1080p, 3D and BluRay then prefer yify stream.

YIFY/YTS Proxy has become a household name for all the torrent/Movie lover who want to watch latest movies on their device. Regardless of genre or the year of release, Yify has been people’s best friend means they visit yify proxy every day/time to watch free movies.

This has started in the year 2010 and when owner of Yts proxy launched at that moment named as YIFY TORRENT WEBSITE by a guy who unsurprisingly was called nicknamed as YIFY. Though in very short period there were millions of visitor’s on the website on a daily basis. Means if you’re a movie/shows/music lover and there’s no movies might have missed yet then you’ve also heard about YIFY. Final this brand has been developed by the user’s.

If you want to use YTS torrent websites then you must create another list of VPN’s that are mostly recommended to every user/exerts to keep go on safe and secure.

  • NordVPN – Best Choice
  • CyberGhost VPN
  • Ivacy VPN
  • Surfshark VPN

What makes YTS / YIFY movie torrents different from others?

Here given YIFY Proxy is worthy to who watch movies on internet, And its free to use and you can save money by using this Yify proxy. User will never be charged to get complete access on the website or unblock Yify movies, and also can direct download movies  in the best quality, including subtitles means ysubtitle in different languages, completely free. Million’s of people are visiting this website, because this website never encourage any restriction’s to download or watch. Though their are many multiple websites on internet but those sites conditions and requirements for accessing the torrents will be highly different.

For there user’s they were provided the best layout and No-ads. Though it rebranded as YIFY Torrents to YTS torrents but its popularity and viewer’s are not decreased because most video’s are available on the site and inserted with perfect HD quality not to mention about the top quality audio encoding of the file. If you download any movie or song it doesn’t occupy much space on user’s computer memory because those given download links are not extremely large.

Still is running one of the best YIFY torrent websites for downlaoding perfect quality movies. And on YIFY Homepage can see wide variety of different content, with as much of it being HQ as possible.

Why To Prefer YTS For Torrents

YTS, or YIFY Torrents, Help you to P2P where you can share downloaded Movies/Music to your friends/relative as free downloads though BitTorrent. Where we see very rare website who provide best and HD quality videos in small file size. This is the main reason such a popular destination reached as soon.

Coming to security, user privacy made as a shield where website did a great job and dedicated a great deal time of security design and will using this with the help of torrent’s or VPN’s no one can identify your browse history or track. This is the main reasons why to prefer YTS/YIFY as a torrent.

And at Yify website you can see wide variety of movies subtitles one more benefit YIFY torrents sites users can find more and more advantages while using this, And they are redirected to a dedicated website, where they feel more secure and easy finding subtitles for any downloaded torrent movie and what is most important they are completely synced with the movies.Despite YTS evolving to a different experience after the original owner shut down the site, you still receive a similar user experience. The benefit of HD videos with short download times still exists when this is your torrenting preference. With this opportunity you can use this platform as a chance to find a new titles that you may not have considered watching.


Warning!!! Your ISP is Tracking your device

Mask your IP address hide before downloading any torrent file for any website like YIFY/YTS. Use a VPN app to hide your Internet browsing history. 

Top Free VPN's For Torrenting


Windows, macOS, and Linux, Android and iOS.

CyberGhost VPN

Windows, macOS, and Linux, Android and iOS.

How Can Help VPN's To YIFY User's To Download Favorite Movies?

On internet we can see number of VPN’s stands for Virtual Private Network. But what exactly use for us paid or Free and which VPN should select how they use for us?

There are many sites where facing country ban/block. If your loved website placed in that list you have to use VPN’s to unblock blocked site as anonymous means while using VPN’s it keeps you securely & safe.

VPN’s have been in the use of big corporations and even law firms for a very long time. A VPN is utilized to encrpt one’s traffic and hide’s your original IP address from tracker’s or Internet provider’s. What you don’t know is that some sites add your IP address to a list which everyone can see it means tracker will see other sites but your real history hides. But which may not always be an advantage to you.

  • VPN users can allow to bypass various regional restrictions related to websites that can only be accessed by user in a particular country
  • Also they allow users to both upload and download any torrent file as you like without anyone to be able to see their real IP addresses.

List of Unblocked YTS/YIFY Proxy and Mirror Sites 


Is YIFY/YTS safe for download torrents Files?

After its founder had retired, the rest of the team changed the name to YTs, although the YIFY websites are still exists. Here user can find much pretty movies with quality format,   When it comes to downloading torrents form YIFY, is it safe or not. Moreover dangers of malicious ads still exist but that is not the only thing should worry about.

Here another many issues included the authorities that are keep searching who downloads content and what they are downloading and IP address. Not to mention copyright trolls, who are doing the same and who might try to send you a legal letter or even request to pay fine amount and they have many Alternatives, your own ISP might figure out that you are torrenting, and depending on the local area’s or country’s laws — they might do anything.

At 1st attempt you can get legal letter or warning you to stop this activities on internet or notifies you authorities and let the law deal with you. If your country’s internet laws are basic and underdeveloped, it is likely that nobody will care what you are downloading.

To skip all this alerts sure to sue a VPN for the best possible experience, there are many user’s are accessing the primary sites today with a standard browser, but there are number of geographic ISP blocks in particular location. Anonymizing your traffic, this will makes diverting your History which helps you to explore downloads on torrent sites.

How to Unblock YIFY/YTS with VPN's

If you love anime and movies then have to prefer the YIFY, where provides numerous opportunities to explore new content. Although there are likely copyright issue involved with most files, Here before streaming or downloading sure have to use VPN for the best possible experience because to avoid ISP blocks. While using this you can surf as anonymous your traffic can divert easily to explore torrents that you want to see.
VPN is world wide common way to get Unblock any website like wise we use here to unblock YIFY. There are number of mirror sites and proxies that allow people to access any website whether it is blocked or ban. And this is best key to hide your accessing/Browsing history if you want to hide complete surfing data then should use a VPN.
VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. User of VPNs are basically using a private network. Using VPN as a YIFY torrents to unblock website means that no one else can see what you’re doing. This doesn’t mean that everything is completely safe when you use a VPN as a YTS proxy.
 But here using paid service keep you more secure Rather can use free one. Those Free or Paid keep you secure in the way networks outside of your ISP. But keep remember that you do get what you pay for, compare with free one you won’t get same features, speed and quality of servers.

yIfy FAq's

If you have ever torrented a movie then chances are you must have downloaded it from YTS. Probably because Yify sites are one of the most popular movie torrenting site in the industry. However, YTS was not always popular.

In fact, it was Yify that dominated the online movie scene with their content presence on major torrenting sites. It was only when Yify received tremendous recognition and fan following that it rebranded itself as YTS.

After becoming the number one go-to site for any movie lover, the site started to rack in millions of visitors per day, not the mention the number of downloads.

Yify has a pretty cool and simple interface.

On the homepage of the website, you will find a popular downloads category underneath which you will see the most trending movies categorized through various genres.

If you are a rather meticulous individual, then you can either browse various categories or directly search for a particular content using the search bar located in the top bar of the YTS webpage.

YTS provides advertising links that appear at the top of the page as a way to generate revenues. These ads are location-based and access cookies, so you will see options based on previous search histories or your home ISP based on your IP address. That is one reason why a virtual private network is an advantage when using this site.

Despite YTS evolving to a different experience after the original owner shut down the site, you still receive a similar user experience. The benefit of HD videos with short download times still exists when this is your torrenting preference.

  • Kickass Torrents..
  • The Pirate Bay….
  • RARBG…
  • Limetorrents…
  • EZTV…
  • TorLock….
  • Demonoid…
  • TorrentFunk…
  • TorrentDownloads…
  • NYAA.SI…
  • Zooqle…
  • 123Movies…

Download Free Latest version Mobdro HD Apk— Android/PC/MAC/FireStick…..


Download Mobdro APK

If you need free and perfect entertainment buff then have to prefer only MOBDRO APK hope this application makes you lot of entertainment where it was difficult to find a this type of suitable application on internet. Here this will gives you a chance to watch unlimited video streaming website/application now and then just to satiate your intrigued needs of new movies, programs, serial’s, news, sports Games and many. In this single application you can find multiple choice of streaming videos in just on click.

Now Mobdro apk download to get ultimate solution to all the question’s. Here anyone can get all type of HD smart Tv unlike ShowBox, MovieBox, Popcorn Time and many such video’s quality and uniqueness can find in this mobdro tv apk. One of best and really a vast range of online streaming apk available for Movies, Episodes, Documentaries and what not….. and all are FREE!

Moreover it very difficult to find like this applications in present internet world and made hard  to choose and what you want to watch, but here this excellent Free Video Streaming App “Mobdro” pulls the digital video content from across the globe and presents to audience in the form of channels. And inserted complete unique feature’s of channel’s over single video which keeps playing fresh content all though makes Mobdro stand out among others.

Unblock Tamilrockers Sites

How To Install The Mobdro Download Apk

Here downloading makes you very simple but for installation just need to change little changes in your device settings please follow my steps to success.

Step 1: Click on Given Download button given in the article….

Step 2:  Give a little time to complete download. After completion Go To Settings -> Security ->  Enable Unknown Sources…..

Step 3: Then after click on install button to start installation….

Step 4: This will take a minute or two….

Step 5: After completing installation you need to give the app permssions on your device to allow Mobdro free apk download… (Some of these permissions are scary and many users warn against using Mobdro for security and privacy reasons)

Step 5: Now open the Mobdro application and stream anywhere in the world. 

Using The Mobdro Apk

Find free video streams online and enjoy them on your Androids/MAC phones this will makes the web search for the best free video streams and brings them to your device. Don’t search for the best app to watch sports online because this mobdro HD Apk makes sports is the best app. Though there are many other apks available on the internet to watch sports online but here it will give perfect HD quality, speed changing option and many more.

One of the things that make mobdro stand out from the other apps is that it is really easy to use, best layout for every beginner, interface is very well designed and moreover it takes only one click to reach your goal. And HomePage made more simple, on the Homepage you can see only latest/top rated videos which makes you more easy to search. Category widget, you can view all the channels available to steam for free. Though this application is completely legal to use and stream because all of the stream are on the internet for free. The application just collects them and place them together in group.

NOTE: I have already discussed some other topics related to Mobdro so, if your query related to Mobdro is different then you just need to visit my previous articles and if you need any article’s or any find any mistake in this content you can do comment for futher.

Already know that Mobdro Tv APk streaming service that searches the vast reaches of the internet for free streams. Mobdro apk file takes the time and effort to organize the streams into neat little categories. You as the user can easily can find any wanted video/channel that suits your entertainment needs.

And have to know this, that Mobdro app isn’t available on any major play store’s, if you need this application you can download from above given link to get complete advanced feature’s. And don’t fear about given link because we completely checked whether infected by virus or not, already we cleared complete virus/malware from the link you can download it securely. We have millions of download user’s are their on worldwide and got completely good response about our given link/article. There are some attributes that make the app stand out from the crowd and preferable to other streaming application. 

How To Get Mobdro on PC And MAC?

Here we give you every solution to your problem 

 Know we made little pretty easily have Mobdro onto your PC or Mac without any hitches. Above given links are direct link, which useful completely to download this awesome video streaming app on your system, But here you need to use emulator which called as bridges the gap between android environment and PC or MAC system. Think of emulator as virtual environment setup on your pc running on Windows and MAc, Which emulator the android OS, Here don’t fear this process 100% safe and secure moreover safe & secure depends upon our given links though provided links are completely checked no virus/malware and trusted method of running android environment in cross operating system like windows and mac.
We suggest you that if you are running or interested to use Mobdro on your windows or Mac then prefer to use either BlueStacks or Nox App Player which both are the known and fully trusted Android Emulators readily available. Below given links and trusted links.

How To Install Mobdro Apk For PC/Smart

  • Step 1: Download Chromecast app directly from play store
  • Step 2: connect the chromecast with Tv
  • Step 3: Go To Setting -> Security -> Enable Unknown Sources
  • Step 4: Now Click on given Download button to start downloading
  • Step 5: Tab on install
  • Step 6: Enjoy the Mobdro apk on PC/Smart….

Now Mobdro apk supports On your MAC/IOS by Chromecast only from premium version, head over to Menu setting of mobdro and get the premium version easily to get more ultimate feature’s on mobdro Premium apk.

Why To Go Latest Mobdro Premium

Television long reigned as the king of entertainment in present world. Since the invention spread to almost homes across the world billions of streamers. And spending more than hour’s in front for the box by paid. Here free entertainment with same quality get’s by using mobdro hd apk is free, and moreover you can see here two versions named, Freemium and premium. Where Freemuum is absolutely free of cost and gives complete access to the user and everything. However if you want to have access to some of the useful features like downloading the live streaming to watch latest with ads-free video streaming,  Modbro premium version makes sense. Also Mobdro premium allow you to use chromecast to watch live shows, sports stream from your smart Tv or Mobile. It will be like YouTube, Netflix or even just the video section on Facebook Mobdro is a free online streaming service.

For other service(Premium) you need to go Application Homepage and click on Pro option, check it for further steps

SnapTube APK| Download The Latest Version 

Frequently asked questions

Mobdro is an online application which crawls all streams available on web and brings them to you on your Mobile Device.

So, once you have download the Mobdro, you can tap on Mobdro logo on left top corner, and select “Go Premium” to get the premium version of Mobdro.

Mobdro is one kind of indexation tool, which crawls for all streams available on web. If you are not finding the stream you saw before, it might not be available online to be steamed.

Some streams are very country specific. So, if your IP is not matching with Country IP on which stream is available, you won’t be able to watch the same. However, you can use VPN to route your connection through that country for watching your favorite stream.

Yes! Mobdro App is safe and secure to use on Android, PC, and Smart TV.

 Mobdro is a legal app, and you don’t need to worry about legal issues.


Download Free Latest Version WhatsApp Plus Apk Download for Android /IOS | Anti-Ban


Download WhatsApp Plus 8.00 APK (Anti-Ban)

Be ready to download latest version WhatsApp Plus is available on AndroidAPKs for free and it released on May 1, 2019 it will be like Yo, Facebook, Facebook Lite, Firm, Instagram, SnapChat, Google+, periscope etc.. It will provide you multiple features that will be more advanced. And Seen that over 1 billions of active users all the world and purchased by Facebook, it has consolidated as one of the most downloaded apps in world wide. we know that, on internet their will be lakhs of third-party applications have been developed by the local developers to try to take advantage of this service. In those lakhs of 3rd-party application no one can avoid this type of application which provided with latest and advanced featured whether belongs to Android or iPhone it definitely has to used like WhatsApp. And given whatsapp plus Most popular existing Anti-ban whatsapp plus apk and having various customizable feature’s that can be load by user easily. After installation this app you will get best and latest features and definitely you will fall in love with these feature because even i’m using whatsapp plus 2019.

If you Decided to download this application you can visit above link where given with direct link just click on the link and instalar whatsapp plus. If you want to write any problems/reviews then install with given link and download later write a review’s and rate on our website. Where download is hassle free as our speed is fast. By downloading this application you can get one of latest update is now having video calling option, hiding late seen , hiding blue ticks/grey ticks, hiding typing and recording status in group chats and many more feature you can get by just downloading this  descargar whatsapp plus. And we have seen many application like whatsup where previous version of this app is already banned but this app is now ban proof. This application is available for all existing mobile phone companies such as Samsung, Nokia, Moto, Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi, Sony etc. Their are many user’s searching for latest advanced featured apps like whatsapp plus download & enjoy. People need to chat and instant messaging app conquered millions of users some time ago,who forgot about sending SMS messages and moved to this service that’s based on traffic send over data networks.

Presently we can see on internet millions of application belongs to third-party, Amongst the most popular application of this nature, we have selected and mentioned WhatsApp Plus, a mod that we can download for free and customize the colours, background picture’s and many option that go way beyond those offered natively by WhatsApp. This is moving as very popular modded version in running generation, this is a famour as GBWhatsApp And used by millions of users. If your are looking for GBWhatsAPp latest Version then search about GB whatsApp in this website, we already written article on that GB whatsapp with complete introduction, here you can any one. But in this article we where explained about whatsapp gb plus and here we offer you direct link its takes less than 10 second’s to download and makes your worthy.

Download Free Latest V8.0 GBWhatsapp APK For Android/IOS (Anti-Ban/Virus-Free)

Though i also prefer to use this always, its making more benefits like i can use know multiple accounts of WA, to hide my online status, blue ticks. Even i use this to impress my friends with those ultimmate WA+ features. Try once, hope you want to get this apk whatsapp plus to hide your status, ticks. However everyone needs are making more attraction and advantages like dual whatsApp.

Here any one can use two whatsapp accounts like who use GBWA also can use this WA plus version on there single device and also can use at a time. People think WA plus is not much beneficial and not working properly. i’m giving my own experience here, this is perfect who want to chat speed and maintain more attraction behind their friends it will be worthy one. Coming to working condition, seriously no one will face any problem and don’t encourage rumours. Its makes you non-confidential on society believe in your self and use it and rate it later write a review we need your response to reduce bad rumour’s on whatsapp plus official.


Note: I highly recommend you not to use Whatsapp plus with your primary number.

Baixar Whatsapp Plus belongs to the social category and the developer of this app is OG Mods. The Avg rating of this whatsapp plus 2019 is 5.0 out of 5 start is not given by me. However this app rating is real 4.8 star according to different countries. Download whatsapp Plus if you need a free app from the social category for your device. 

WhatsApp Plus New Added Features

  • It’s having several Privacy Features.
  • It supports Video Call option.
  • Anti-Ban (Ban Proof Mod)- Now Whatsapp cannot ban you from using +app.
  • Users can hide last seen the option and can hide the blue ticks after reading tex messages.
  • Quick sharing functions.
  • Partial copy and paste: select part of the text you want to copy and paste and send it to your contacts.
  • Hide your profile picture.
  • Added New Launcher Icons.
  • Added New Notification Icons.
  • Added New Changelog Design.
  • Added New Options in Settings.
  • Added You can call Participants in groups.
  • Added Reply Privately when select message in groups.
  • Added New Emojis.
  • Added New Settings Design.
  • Change the colors of the interface or the size of the fonts to your own liking.
  • Send large audio and video files.
  • Download or send photos with their original quality.
  • While being busy you can automatically reply to other users.
  • Beautiful Themes and Theme server
  • Users can hide the status of the text shown in grey and blue ticks.
  • Users can easily send large videos up-to 30Mb
  • Users can forward document files up to 100Mb
  • Can add 256 members in a group
  • Users can send more than 10 photos of high-resolution.

WhatsApp + General settings

  • Restart WhatsApp Plus
  • Custom chats for Privacy, Notifications, Media auto-download
  • Message Scheduler
  • DND Mode

Dis-Advantages by Using WhatsApp puls

If you already experience with this whatsApp Plus apk you can guess that it has lots of amazing features adn who had ever used it they might feel in love with it. Compare with play store whatsapp it will give high quality and trendy feature’s to make more attractive. But whatsapp plus was always free to download and use it at easy without any fear and won’t face any ban issue and here we have small primary issue that not effect much that is ban if you use your number have a chance to ban. So, to reduce this problem your are not supposed to use your primary number with whatsapp plus or rather use a temporary number, where a number which does not bother your if its ban.

FaceApp Pro APK| Download Latest Version

How To Install WhatsApp Plus APK(Guide)

  1. Click on download buttone…
  2. let give little time to finish…
  3. After downloading Go To Settings -> Security ->  Enable “Unknown Sources”
  4. This will helps to allow Apk file to your device…
  5. Then after click on Install Button..
  6. After Installation then open your WhatsApp Application
  7. Enter your <obile Number
  8. Enter OTP
  9. Start Chatting and Enjoy all the given features…

Here given information keep you safe and reduces ban issue for future. By following my step by step guide you can allows you to enjoy complete feature’s on your device(IOS/ANDROIDS)

Note: You need to uninstall original Whatsapp to use this enhanced mod of Whatsapp Plus Apk. Or you may try GBWhatsapp instead.

whatsappplus App Apk FAQ'a

WhatsApp+ is a modified version of the original WhatsApp with more features and customization options. Moreover, there are lakhs of free themes available to match every user’s liking. One can literally customize everything. Not that the original build of Whatsapp for Android is any bad. However, there’s a plethora of customization options in Whatsapp+ which makes it more appealing.

All Android devices running on Android version 2.1 (Eclair) or later are supported. Your Android device should be able to receive SMS or calls for the verification process. Also, you should allow your device for app installs from unknown sources. (To do so, go to Settings > Security > and check ‘Unknown sources’ option or enable it).

  1. Backup your conversations on WhatsApp. (In WhatsApp settings, go to ‘Chat settings’ and backup your conversations’)
  2. Install WhatsApp+ (follow steps from question 3 above).
  3. After verification is complete you will be prompted to import the backup.
  4. Accept the request to import conversations.

Frankly speaking, it is totally safe. The permissions required by WhatsApp+ are just the same as our original WhatsApp. However, it is still a port, and doesn’t get any official support from the team that is behind the original app. However, as of now, WhatsApp+ is getting frequent updates from the developer. And there aren’t any complaints from the users of WhasApp+ yet and we do know it works well.

WhatsApp+ was developed by a Spanish developer Rafalense in 2012 and is managed by the same developer since then.

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Now Download Free MyJio App Apk Latest 5.0.28/Old version’s for Android/PC


Download MyJio latest 5.0.28 Android APK

My Jio pack has added a new ultimate feature named as “Jio Cricket Play Along” in the app, Now you can also participate in Jio cricket hence the name “My Jio”. The link to play cricket has given in this article just click on link and add gain more gifts to your hand. After keying in the required personal information the user get access to play along. This will be run at a set time. Regarding this Game, it will be online match here have to answer the give question what they asked. If your answer is true can won entitle the user to prizes worth crores of rupees. My Jio is the flagship apk of This link will provide you at Jio apps centre where once can easily download and update all Jio apps at one point.

The old version of MYJIO apk is available in Though this is one best app where it really helpful to manage other apps easily. Here their given massive features inside every one can enjoy those inserted apps, and the developer never stops to fix previous problems. Their are many feature like  Usage Details, Home Delivery, Account Balance, Payments, Statements, Jio Apps Center, and Jio Care.

Download Free Latest Version WhatsApp Plus Apk

MyJIo APP Apk reliance Jio sim took the entire nation by a storm. Reliance Jio SIM card was announced all the users over the India are eagerly searching to get their hands on it. And reliance JIO made more simple to there users, where this Tele-communications has provided MYJIO App to get Jio sim card for free without any charges. But this update made little problem to there users like Get Jio Sim Option Not Available. 

My Jio Old Apk available for low end android smartphones. Here some old version android smartphone may not be compatible with latest version of MYJIOAPP so we given perfect old version links for free.  MyJio App very first released version is MyJIO 3.4.0 and later they have released number of stable versions. With there updates way also inserted very advanced super cool features are inserted along with. Can enjoy from there MYJIo 3.3.12, MYJIO 3.3.25 etc are released after first version, All these versions are updates for only with little life spam.

If any user under Reliance Jio, there gateway is the MYJIO APP where 4G network for managing Jio account effectively. This app has designed with complete friendly layouts here any beginner can use this simply. My jio latest apk can be used to Recharge any of Jio SIM online. By download my jio app apk you may not go to retail shop in order to recharge any jio Number. Where their main target to release more and more updates features in coming my jio update apk.

By this my jio app apk file you can contact instantly with Jio customer care support. Just connect Jiochat live care on my jio latest apk to get instant help from any were. Also latest my jio apk will helo you to track the net balance used till the time and date. MyJio highlights the latest plan for you to recharge that fit for your usage.  By using only my jio modded apk you will automatically logged in the application when you have inserted your Jio sim on your smartphone.

Download My Jio Old Apk 4.1.03(4103) is available. As said before those given with every version  app is really helpful to every Myjio user. And inserted many outstanding features are and trying to develop more and more cool features inside by mentioned as usage details.

What latest feature’s are inserted in V4.1.03…

  • Avail Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan offer at ₹399 and enjoy unlimited free voice with 70GB data for 70 days.
  • Simplified login for JioFi customers
  • Get personalised actions based on your account
  • Performance improvement and bug fixes

Features of the MyJio App  Include:

  • The user can recharge its Jio number, view real time balance, check the details of usage pattern for Calls, Data, SMS & WiFi, link & manage multiple accounts, get a detailed account statement, choose from a list of recharge plans, avail exciting offers and link & pay with JioMoney or Paytm wallet.
  • Set up auto pay for hassle free payments. 
  • Interact with Jio Car experts from within the My Jio App
  • Find answers to one’s queries with comprehensive FAQs and videos
  • Activate ‘Do Not Disturb [DND] preferences’ and even manage JioFi & JioFiber devices with ease.

My Jio Old Apk Version Download MyJio Old apk

Now download here what you’r looking for. Here we have listed all my Iio apk old version with same exact features as in latest version but little changes will be take place in the graphical user interface and some features too. But in my jio old version apk purpose all are same. Here we provided perfect direct link and we were checked completely by downloading this old my jio apk won’t face any risk’s from Virus/Malware just give a click go for further steps.

App: MyJio APK Old versions

Versions available: MyJio 3.2.00, MyJio 3.2.12, MyJio 3.2.25, MyJio 3.2.29……….

APK size: Not available (Varies with Versions)

Release Years: 2017, 2018 and 2019 (Varies with versions)


How to Download MyJio App APK Old/Latest Version To Get Free Jio Sim and More feature's.

  1. First click on required version button..
  2. Let be finish installation and keep auto updates on app disabled…
  3. Note: Should need to change your device setting’s….Settings>Applications.
  4. The app will install all Jio apps one by one, give little time to complete…
  5. After all the jio apps are installed on your gadget, disconnect device mobile date or wi-fi
  6. Clear all the background apps where inserted on your device or just restart your device…
  7. Now start, open your my Jio apk where installed on your device(don’t turn on Mobile date of wi-fi)…
  8. Click on My Jio App, Now you eill see Get Jio Sim
  9. Now enable your mobile data/wifi and click on get jio sim..
  10. You will see reliance Jio Sim Welcome Offer Bar Code
  11. Keep save the picture on your device for further details…
  12. Visit near reliance digital store and show your barcode and get free Iio sim…

After receiving Jio sim just give a time to get activation notification or direct activate it is going to sometime. Once your Jio sim activated You will get 2GB data and 100 Min talk time for life long term free.

my jio Old/latest apk FAq's

You can download MyJio app from Play Store or App Store.

Post downloading MyJio app, open MyJio App and tap on ‘Login with SIM’ OR login using OTP (One Time Password).

The app is compatible with Android OS 5.0 or higher and iOS OS 9.0 or higher.

MyJio is a gateway to digital Life. Using MyJio app you can view your high speed data balance, choose from a range of plans to recharge your number and manage your account. You can also view your active 4G plan along with validity, check usage details for your calls, messages & data, generate detailed statements for up to 6 months, locate nearby stores or JioNet hotspots, update registered mobile number or email ID, get support from FAQs, How to videos, Troubleshoot, Helpful tips or you can also talk to our virtual assistant ‘Hello Jio’ for all your queries.

If you have multiple Jio services, you can link them to a single log-in using ‘Link New Account’ feature.

Note: To login, Open MyJio App and tap on ‘Login with SIM’ OR login using OTP (One Time Password).

You can access MyJio from a Jio data network, even when you have exhausted your data. Your Jio data will not be charged for using MyJio.


ThopTV APK 18.0 Download Latest Version For Androids/IOS/Windows/Linux(64 bit & 32 bit)


ThopTV APK v18 Download Free IPTV App For ...

Today we are going about THOPTV. One of best and user friendly, chat support and free for lifetime with perfect quality contents. But finding the perfect and suitable one that meets your entertainment needs, became heavy challenge. To reduce this effort we came with this  application here can  download for PC, Androids & Windows. And given links are perfectly checked by Virus/Malware. This will be your perfect application to your device, It features a lot of TV channels with Live TV. It offers IPTV services with a lot of Indian movies channels, live TV channels, movies, TV series and many more contents you can visit in this application but here you may have to create an account if you want to manage your favorites list/loved list to make more easy to watch.

By this application in the modern day technology allows users to save a lot of money by just entering to this THOPTV or turn to more best alternatives. It is important to check for different options while looking for a service or a gadget time to time. 

Thoptv app is one of best and most popular application in the market, where you can visit a perfect and unique content with free access. While here we can see huge searches on internet about ThopTv Online so, because we highly recommended you people to prefer this thoptv stream before looking for an alternative in term of entertainment requirement because it offers you best unique and worthy content.

Watch Movies And TV Series Online For Free And Safely | Best 11 Alternative Sites For Couchtuner

Also can here this thoptv website reputation were offering access to quality & HD videos that helps users to feel more fun and entertain on a regular basis. As the app is available to download and use for free of cost. It is evident that user prefers using to avoid spending money on premium application. Their are many streaming site/application where they can charge for unique content but here won’t charge for anything though you can get same here unique and worthy content without any paid.

Any one can get here 3000+ Indian and international channels with 7-days of indian CATCHUP TV and 3000+ movies and VOD’s and TV serials. This subject you can stream any where in India/worldwide without any charges which given absolutely FREE just have to maintain Internet Connection.

Don’t go to anywhere about this THOPTV app because we provided perfect and international Tv watch application link has given above to watch all INDIAN channels, Movies, TV serials and VOD’s on your smartphone. Just give a click on THOPTV APK file for free latest application download without any payment.

This can enjoy for your PC/WINDOWS, Linux and Mac OS as well as IOS. You can easily get it for your existing device from this official website.

Present generation their are many people are wasting their money by paying cable/satellite connection to watch TV at home, don’t use cable/connections to set TV anymore, here given thoptv latest version to save your money of the emergence of the internet and smart TV technology wit just a good internet connection and By download/watching this your device never effect/slow because this Thoptv app made for only Androids, PC or smart TV that make you more simple to stream any popular TV show of your choice online.

Because of some issues bothering terms and conditions, won’t allow you to download thoptv from Google Play Store. But you can download this application from this thoptv official website with complete source and enjoy its massive features given below one by one. All have to do just tab on Thoptv download button to enjoy your favorite tv shows and movies at a click on your device.

We mostly suggest don’t miss out a single one of your loved serial/movie with an application of the like of Thoptv. In given thousands of channels from all over the world,  but not everyone provide free service with perfect quality content there will be paid and open public but those given open public won’t maintain unique content but here thoptv apk file will give you without any problem where you can tune into for free.


With this best application you can watch what you need on your androids/IOS smartphones or tables by simply on tab for them manually or accepting the suggestions found in the selection of channels on the Home Page. Moreover here kids entertainment also can find like cartoon channels to make more fun for children’s. And it will work as a perfect app for sports lovers any event live without any charges.
If you face any problem like basic errors like other countries except India this will occurs due to copyright reasons. In this case, have to use VPN’s or proxies to allow access further this application. This is because to show your at different location and it changes your IP address. And though one of reason you google won’t allow this application on play store. That’s why we have offered you to download as a thoptv apk.

Thoptv Download Features

  • 3000+ TV Channels from all over the World
  • Support for External subtitles
  • 7 days catchup Catchup on 500+ Indian Channels
  • Web Series from your favourite VOD Apps
  • Support for lot of devices
  • User-Freindly UI
  • All for FREE
  • Chat Support
  • Special Channels for LIVE Sports
  • 3000+ Movies
  • Option to Choose Favourite Channels
  • CAST Support
  • Support for MX Player
  • TV Serials all episodes

Be ready to use this amazing features app in your device if you like to download this application THOPTV app APK file. Then click on given above link and enjoy amazing features of this application. And don’t forget to share on social media with your friends/relatives…..

Why Have ThopTV app?

Their are many people are wasting there many for entertainment every individual person paying more thant 300 INR. To reduce this spends here we given a most popular ThopTV apk to make you relax and inspire based on the requirement.

In this modern technology its became mandatory in the market which provides access for free of cost to watch and enjoy movies. we highly suggested to everyone by using this application any one can save there money while with that you can get both quality of content and convenience at the same time.

Most popular and reputed one is thoptv apk in the present market, Where can take free acccess to watch and enjoy ultimate latest and old movies. This will be recommended because it offers free content to watch streamed in different genres from time to time.

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Thoptv For PC/MAC

Now you can enjoy this application on every android, firestick, Windows, IOS/MAC and more compatible devices, We have given completely separate links for every device choose and click on download, proceed for further installation steps. Now you don’t need an emulator to run thopTv on your PC.

Just download Given thoptv for pc & mac version from below and get started to use it. If you wish to run through Emulator on ThopTv mobile version can downlaod from given above link. we have shown the steps to install ThopTV process.

How To Install ThopTV APK In Smart TV

                                                             How To Install Thoptv On Firestick

Now you can also install ThopTv  application in Your smart TV via firestick in non-Android Tv and in Android operating systems supporting Tv you can install via ES-file can explore easily or Direct search on Puffin browser to get more fun. 

Step 1. Download ES File/Puffin browser Explorer in Your Smart TV……

Step 2. Visit Download Manager in ES File Explorer……

Step 3. Tap on New button from bottom menu…..

Step 4. Enter exact this url to download Or “ThopTV”

Step 5. Click on Download button

Step 6. After complete download of APK file click on it and install it get more fun….

Now Install thoptv for pc

Thoptv For PC can also used by anyone, yes off-course can run this huge feature’s thoptv pc and enjoy all live channels completely free of cost.

You can see here download link for PC just click on that go for further steps.

We have given perfect thoptv download for pc Link and highly check with virus/malware you can proceed to download thoptv for pc.

NOTE: To install this thoptv online by means of the thoptv apk/ thoptv apk Download file requires the activation of the ” UNKNOWN SOURCES”  option within  Settings>Applications.

How to Download and Install Thop TV On PC/Windows/Laptop

ThopTv is a mobile application where it works perfectly and also can used for PC’s and other devices like TV, Tablets and so on…. It is an important application who need HD quality movies/songs/programs where this every user require’s and can also worth for big screen because it helps in previewing movies at high quality.

Steps to download and Install Thop TV on PC

  • Click on download button or thoptv .ext file..
  • Download the .ext file to the computer..
  • Tab a double click on /exe file to start process..(installation)
  • Click on next till you get a tab called success or finish..
  • Restart the Your PC/Computer after installation…
  • Click on ThopTv Icon on the device to start streaming.

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Frequently asked questions

YES! ThopTV is virus free, it does not contain any type of virus or malware. We always provide 100% virus free APK files.

Yes, It’s free to use, you don’t have to subscribe and also doesn’t need registration.

No, currently it have support only four OS Android, Windows, Mac and Linux.

Yes, this app have ThopTV Sports section for all sports TV channels. Just like you can watch on ThopTV live crickets, boxing, football etc.

YES!, ThopTV have PC version also. And also you can install in Windows PC in BlueStacks or other android emulators such as Nox, Multi MEmu.


Download Free Latest V8.0 GBWhatsapp APK For Android/IOS (Anti-Ban/Virus-Free)


GBWhatsApp APK Download v8.00 Latest Version ...

GBWhatsApp, Here Given download link with latest version 8.0, This will be a best smartphone application which is no doubt moreover you have landed at the right place to download the best mod version of whatsup, where developed by a third party named as GBWA, Which any one can find easily on the internet. GB Whatsapp Download 2019 users is now familiar with the GBWA, Here can build Chatting, voice and video calling etc & more unique features are theme layouts, colour selection, background options, sharing locations, documents, contacts and more though compare with Google Play store whatsuup Application GBWA will be a more and perfect user needy GB gbwhatsapp apk.

Now Download GB Whatsapp without any restrictions from this site only, don’t forget to check other application where given in

Who searching for the gb whatsapp app With latest version, then give a click on download button to further installations its take less than 5-seconds of time to download GB whatsup. Now a days its became very popular tool for those who use multiple accounts or need heavy qualified applications on internet. Though having multiple accounts is not only the reason, if you use this application you can easily find complete benefits of this application.

Download Free Latest Version WhatsApp Plus Apk Download For Android /IOS | Anti-Ban

Now Download GBWhatsApp(GBWA) latest version for IOS/ANDROIDS but you can get this doubt in your mind From Where ?. This will be in regular manner. Coming to Google play Store you won’t get it. Because Here looking Topic Whatsup Apk comes under MOD apps those won’t publish on Google Play Store. Those MOD’s are third party applications. That’s why you have to prefer Google search bar to get on app. But also on internet, there are hundreds of websites will appear in many pages. Now we give yo how to search a perfect and fastest GBWhatsUp Apk in simple way.

On Homepage you can find large number of links available on the internet for downloading GBwhatsapp for Androids/IOS But most of the sites from them are not getting updates from months and they haven’t update Latest version on link, after getting these type of results from first checking some sites will not give regular updates but no all, Here our website will be perfect updating site even we provide every feature on updated application and link will be given with latest version.

Present, every person installing GB whatsapp latest version after getting a smartphone whether it is androids/IOS. People have been using this incredible app from the past few year’s. While using this application you can get the cool/innovative features. One can contact their friends, Relatives, Loved ones, or colleafes sitting in any part of the world without spending a single penny any one can use this gbwhatsapp 8.0 download, And you can get regular updates being made in GBWhatsapp Without missing any thrill or innovative features.

Why We Have to Download This Application

Compare with many Modes where you can visit on the internet, this GBwhatsapp android is the efficient one. Every user can get updates in regular manner, where this app is updated by its developer on regular basis. You can enjoy this app without getting into trouble for long-term. GB whatsapp is symbol of new Generation application on large scale. It being worthy to everyone and one of the great apps for everyone belongs to any age group and working as a best for communication that providing absolutely free.

We all use the Whatsapp app as it is the most common and popular messenger used over the globe. One of best application present running trend which can help to stay connected with out loved ones, though it be chatting, calling or video calling, hide your last seen, Message Seen Tick, Online status, Read messages . Every single guy on earth struggle to communication with their loved one’s, whatsapp user which is only because of its popularity. Within a short period of time GBWhatsapp has been used by more than 100 Million of people from all over the world. GB Mods are very easy to se and becoming trendy with all age groups. And GB watsapp is an best application for incredible messaging app and with use-friendly. Moreover you can share your Pictures, Videos, Contact and Voice notes with each other.

Though you won’t face any security and login issues. Indeed a great app with full privacy set up contrary to whatsup you can use two numbers in one smartphone at one time. Compare with any application with this whatsappgb this will be a best and contemporary features of this app. It is formulated with only latest features along with additional privacy setting. Those feature can made only for their whatsapp new version users.

 GBWhatsApp Apk Download For Android/IOS: But even after becoming one of the most used smartphone apps but their are many user’s need lacks of essential features where required by its users. So, we need a WhatsupMOD Application which can enhance its functions to a pro level and given features are makes more excite & perfect secured for latest gb whatsapp users. Below you can get complete guide about GBwhatsapp Mod and its download & installation Guide. By given my information you can download easily GBwhatsapp APK & learn complete reviews about this. Here you can unlock easily locked featured using a whatsapp mod application and get full access to all of its functions. When it comes nder whatsapp mod, The gbwhatsapp mod by team gbmods is the best wa mod app till now available for androids. By this given download link you can get additional and extended features where highly useful for every single whatsapp user. After installations start using tones of new and latest amazing features like theme privacy tweaks and many unlimited features which can see much better than the official stock whatsapp.

How to Install GBWhatsapp Latest tricks & Guide Without Losing Chat

Very simple and easier to download this application just go on with my steps its takes less than 1 Min of time to make success.

  1. Click on given download button..
  2. Now do little process and leave of 5 seconds to download..
  3. After completing downloading , Now has to change small setting in your device..
  4. Setting -> Security-Unknown Sources -> Tab Enable Unknown sources.
  5. After that come back and click on install button then after tab on “Agree and Continue”
  6. Then after Open GB whatsapp and enter your number,,
  7. Wait for sometime for the verification for the provided number….
  8. Set you profile and picture of your GBwhatsapp…

Just now have done installation part, Now start fun and communication the plenty and cool features of this outstanding gb whatsapp download latest version with innovative and cool features.

This app made more popular for being with extra features. An no on will face any risk or issues while installing, My suggestion people who have a smart phones must download the APK files and avail the crazy features of this app.

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Advantages of using GB Whatsapp

Here you have know its nothing but a play store whatsapp just they provided ultimate features and perfect modification version. As you know whatsapp is a very popular chatting and calling application for smart phone users, this is available for all the platforms including Andoirds/IOS/JAVA OS and more. GBwhatsapp app providing some amazing features that other chatting apps similar to WA could not provide so, more amazing advantages are inserted in this cool app,, some developers modified this app and turned it into MOD version GBWhatsApp APK is one of them. Also can use dual Whatsapp, get all those displayed features. 

Disadvantages of using GB whatsapp

Almost you can see here huge benefits and coming to disadvantages of sing GB whatsapp is a ban of the account, your account may be locked out and prohibited for future usage. If you use your temporary number you can skip from this dis-advantages.

Huge Features of GBWhatsapp 2019 Version:

Here given every benefits you can use in downloaded application, just download the app and enjoy the latest features of it with your friends & family members.

  • Change Fab Size/Location/Position
  • Change Notification Bar color.
  • Send Big Media files.
  • Copy two or more WhatsApp messages without copying date & time.
  • Customize Ticks/Bubbles Style according to your need.
  • Select Theme according to your wish.
  • Send Blank Messages to your contacts.
  • Lock your WhatsApp without any third party app.
  • Customize according to your need.
  • Customize Status and Navigation bar as per your wish.
  • Disable Stories feature.
  • Select and send 90 images at once instead of 10 images.
  • Show WhatsApp status always Online even if you are offline.
  • Change Number Notification
  • Identify Admin Message in Group
  • Click Sticker
  • Hide Online Status (For Specific Contacts also)
  • Schedule Messages (WhatsApp Message Scheduler)
  • Delete Already Sent Message (Recall WhatsApp Messages)
  • You can use two WhatsApp accounts on the same device using it.
  • Hide Last Seen.
  • Hide Blue Tick.
  • Hide your Last seen.
  • Media preview without downloading.
  • Hide Messages Seen tick after reading a message.
  • Share Docs files.
  • Send Gif Images to WhatsApp.
  • Click on Links from chat screen without saving sender number.
  • It is based on the latest version of Whatsapp version 8.0.
  • You can Disable Auto Media Upload For Each Conversation
  • Restore any Sent Messages Which You Deleted
  • Send Video files of more than 16 MB.
  • Copy any particular text instead of whole messages.
  • Add up to 600 members in WhatsApp Groups instead of 256.
  • New Themes Added
  • Group Description Enabled
  • New Launcher Icons
  • Custom Anti Revoke Feature Added
  • Schedule Multiple Contacts
  • Send Up To 100 Documents at Once
  • Share Live Location (Same as Facebook Messenger)
  • Image & Video Filters Added
  • Enable DND Mode (Helps to Disable Internet only for WhatsApp. ;-D )
  • Hide DND Mode Icon
  • Increase Video Limit in Status
  • Change the App Icon from the settings.
  • Ability Added to Hide Impressions
  • Increase the limit of Status to 255 characters instead of 139 characters.
  • Auto Reply Feature Added
  • DND Mode
  • New Notify Icons Added
  • Emojis Added
  • Now You Can Hide Any Conversation
  • Send Group Messages to Other Groups
  • Auto Reply Feature – Reply to All Incoming Messages Automatic
  • Upload Videos up to 7 Minutes Instead of 30 Seconds
  • Possibility Increased to Send Scheduled Messages

Frequently asked questions

GBWhatsApp is an alternative version of WhatsApp found on the internet, also known as GBWA. This is a modded version that can be found on Gbwhatsapp’s official website, you can download it from One of the best MOD version of WA allows some amazing features which can not be found on the ordinary version. You should know that the Gbmods WhatsApp is not served by WhatsApp Inc. It is developed and served by some other developers, the motive is taking more advantages.

Yes, it is 100% legal mod of Whatsapp and safe to use.

Yes, it is perfect for iPhone and you can easily install it on iPhone.

This is because of WhatsApp’s security. Recently they took action on all the mod apps and banned all of them.

No need to search anywhere else, we have shared the latest Antiban Version 7.99 in the above section. You can download it just by a single click.


Download Free SPOTIFY PREMIUM APK V8.5.21.754 Latest MOD No Root | Free Music


Spotify Premium APK

Here given every content is highly useful and completely worthy to every user. Same as, Here you can see Spotify Premium apk With latest version Their are many user’s are looking for Spotify apk… Do you want to use spotify APK for free Then you’r in right place because here given download link belongs to Spotify Mod Apk. Here you can get 100% working spotify mod apk so now don’t waste your valuable time lets click on download button and start streaming for free.

SPOTIFY PREMIUM APK Comes with unlimited world music with download and thousands of podcasts right on your plan. If you are real lover to music then this is the best and perfect application for you & don’t search for more apps, you can find every mood music within seconds. With its seamless music streaming service it has soon taken over the Big Daddies of the online Music industry including Google Play & Sound Cloud. MOD Premium is the top 1 music streaming platform to every music lovers with a huge and unlimited music’s. You can find unlimited varieties of artists and albums to keep you constant for hours and if you listen any song from given spotify premium free apk you can heard perfect quality of the songs where only spotify premium apk download offers you simply super. And all the top rated music will be stick to main page to make more easier in selection.

Spotify Premium APK 2019 allows you to listen to your personalized music playlists even when you internet is off, Here you can achieve that by downloading before or saving as your favorite music spotify premium mod apk. Their infinity people are searching for spotify mod where their android device using spotify Music Download features and then listen to those soundtracks offlinks whenever you want. And here given premium version lets you listen to music and songs in high definition and extreme premium quality which is the best quality for you.

Download Free Latest Peggo 2.0.8 For Android – YouTube To Mp3 

Information: According to 2015 statistics, the best music and perfect quality application has ranked as spotify APK because it has reached the milestone of 60 millions of users and 15 millions of paid users this made more impressive to others, who preferred this application they have a best and perfect quality music streaming platform.

This Music Track also can support shuffle music playback, which will help you to enjoy more and more with selected soundtrack, and also can do rewind and forward that your added playlist Music.

Now its completely free on androids mobiles and tablets. After downloading this spotify premium android apk Listen a right music and podcasts, You can access anywhere in the world and any music in the world. Also given ready made playlist that helps you to create your own playlist in your music list. By downloading spotify apk no ads application offers you thousand of podcasts, including originals that you can’t find anywhere else.


How To Install And Use Spotify Premium Free Apk

Please follow mu instructions to download Spotify Premium Apk, Never think to miss this opportunity and after downloading this MOD APk you can use very easier because application designed with friendly layout. Before to use Spotify Mod Apk, you need to install this app on your device.

 100% trusted source and installing spotify Mod is the most straightforward task which can be done by anyone… Just follow given steps to make download success.

  1. After tab on Given Download link, it take less than 30 seconds to complete download..
  2. If you complete Download just go to security setting on your device..
  3. Here you have to Turn Off “UNKNOWN SOURCES” Which gives permission to allow for installing third party application.
  4. Read carefully before you click on ‘installation process”.
  5. You need to enable ‘Unknown Sources’ under settings of your Android device.
  6. If you accepted my above step then return to the downloads folder and click on the APK file to start the installation, then click the install button.
  7. After installation the 
  8. After downloading the apk file, go to Security setting under the Android Settings.
  9. Here, turn on ‘Unknown Sources’ option which asks to allow permission for installing third-party apps. Enable this option.
  10. Now, return to the downloads folder and click on the APK file to start the installation, Then click the Install Button.
  11. After installing the spotify download apk, setting up spotify mod is the most effortless task same as installing which can be done by anyone.

  12. After installation, just click on sign up and enter your information which is absolutely free..

  13. You’re all set to enjoy tracks you love…

  14. After completion Open the apk spotify.

  15. Done! Now enjoy you Spotify.

  16. Here you can use if very simply but it requires some unusual permissions to your device but that wouldn’t affect your device or its security in any way.

Spotify Premium Apk Features

If you are using regularly then i think you already faced many irritating while using free spotify  apk, if you need perfect solution to this problem better have to use this Spotify premium Mod Apk. Here you can get complete worthy and lots of premium features, i have seen many benefits…

If you need to get free premium account for lifelong just click on below link to download premium MOD apk without any Virus/Malware.

NO Ads

In this application you won’t see any applications because this  Modded Spotify Premium Apk, had removed all the ads from this application to make more user’s and designed friendly layouts. I suggest that’s the best features you can get from this application because there any many applications and websites run disturb ads and makes irritation to their users while listening music or watching movies moment but here you wont look any ads so definitely you’r going to love this.

Yes, you heard right, In this Modded Spotify Premium Apk, you are not going to see any ads because we removed all the ads from this app and I think that’s the best feature of this app because everyone hates ads while listening to music. Usually, the free version of Spotify Contain lots of ads, and that is very irritating, but this is ad-free, so you are going to love this.

Play & Download Any Music And listen OffLine

From Spotify Premium Apk you can play any song as your wish but without Premium account it won’t allow you to play any song. So, bring to bright and go to premium play their favorite songs with high quality.

Here you can download any music without any restrictions, the whole playlist means limited count 3,333 tracks can download at a attempt and listen to them even while you are travelling or somewhere without active internet connectivity. You can enjoy this application 100% because now you can listen your favorite music and downloaded songs in offline, best trick to save a significant amount of internet data and bandwidth.

FaceApp Pro APK| Download Latest Version

Perfect Quality Music

With this spotify apk premium you can listen and download any music without any restrictions, coming to quality of music where can listen from spotify premium apk  providing perfect high audio quality. And here we have to see mainly quality because without quality music no one prefer to use and listen.

Always suggest and use only premium version and enjoys the best audio quality and ear-soothing experience to listeners along with the unlimited number of downloads and one of my user texted me that he got tremendous 320 kbps Bit rate.

No Need To Root Your Device

spotify mod apk never require any root to your phone because to use this application it doesn’t require moreover it works perfectly on all non-rooted smartphones, MOD main target, every user have to feel more fun while using this application so, don’t worry if your phone is not rooted.

In order to download spotify premium APK latest Mod, No root is required, any one can do installation on any android devices without root access. Don’t think about root, because it works fine on non-rooted devices also..


Listening and enjoying songs through Spotify Mod APK is unethical and not lawful. It’s utter risky and may result in blocking your Spotify account forever. However, technology provides us to find some middle way, like streaming Spotify music through proxy networks. Although illegitimate, Spotify Premium APK is safe but for complete protection, you must’ve installed some robust antivirus application.

Yes, it’s a prerequisite to install and run Spotify premium Apk on your Android phone. Without an active internet connection, the won’t work. However, once a song or Podcast is downloaded from Spotify App, you can listen to it without a network connection. A considerable speed of 80 kbps is enough to use it smoothly.

If you see an error message that says, “Spotify is not available in your country.” Or in case if you are unable to create a new Spotify account, then you don’t need to worry as we already have a 100% working workaround for you.

First, download and install Spotify Premium apk on your Android phone using the tutorial given above. Once done, then head over to our step-by-step guide here which will help you remove country restriction and enjoy Spotify Premium for free on Android phone and tablet devices without root.

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King Root Apk| Download The Latest Version For Free 2019| Today

Generally, King Root Apk is an easy to use Android application, which also allows the users to root any type of device quickly and simply. Then when your Android version is between Android 4.2.2 and 5.1 which you can use King Root to root your Android. Then this latest King Root will automatically detect the Android version and also able to find the vulnerability of your device. When your device is vulnerable, Then this King Root APK will able to root your device with just one click.

Download Free Latest Version Mobdro HD Apk— Android/PC/MAC/FireStick

Latest Ways To Install The KingRoot APK On Your Device:

  • Firstly you need to download the KingRoot APK from the link which is given this article.
  • When you complete the downloading process then you need to hit on the downloaded file and then select the Install to begin the installation process.
  • After that, you are going to find the “Blocked by play protect” prompt which is used to say that This KingRoot application code attempts to bypass the Android Security protections.
  • Then you need to hit on the details which are mentioned in the prompt message, and then you need to select the install anyway Just to continue with the installation process.
  • Whenever the KingRoot app got installed and then you will receive an APP installed message.
  • Finally, you need to hit on the open to launch the KingRoot application on your Android device.

Major Features Of The KingRoot Application:

  • one-Click Root: KingRoot is known as one of the best fastest one-click Root application, Which is used to allow you to quickly root your device. With this KingRoot APK, you can able to root devices up to Android in just a single click.
  • Purify App: When your device is rooted with KingRoot So that you are going to find the purify App which in the App drawer of your device. And also this purify app will allow you to perform the different tasks with includes removing the pre-installed system apps, Clear cache data, Block Autostart apps, And also save battery.
  • Requires The Internet Connection: Usually, The KingRoot Apk app requires you to have an active internet connection, because to perform the rooting process. When it searches the available root strategy for your device to get it rooted.
  • There is no need for any PC to root your Android Smartphone or tablet.
  • This latest KingRoot APK is the most trusted tool, which never collect any suspicious information about the data.
  • KingRoot can able to root total number of 104136 devices.
  • Most importantly it has a success rate of 98% so that it has become the most popular in these latest days.

Major Cautions:

  • At the time when you root your device, then you will lose your device warranty which is provided by the manufacturer.
  • Mostly you can be bricked or unusable So that this process is a little risky and many of the cases it is risk-free.
  • You need to be very careful after rooting your device.
  • You can able to unroot your device whenever you want.

Best Points To Be Remember:

  • When you are using the KingRoot Application to root your smartphone is a simple and easy task. which is used to install the application on your device. Then you need to hit on the root button to root your device.
  • Generally, Latest KingRoot Apk will gain you the root permission on your device, And also used to void Android warranty, Because when you unroot your Android device. So that you are unable to claim the warranty.
  • You can also drop a comment on this site when you have used this KingRoot APK app and still unable to root Android smartphone or the tablet, So in that case, we will provide you some other alternative solutions to root your device.
  • At the time when this KingRoot APK is unable to root your device then you can able to try these alternatives one-click root Android application such as 360 root, Framar root, Towelroot, Iroot, Root Genius for mobile.

Additional Information And The Requirements:

  • Most importantly the minimum operating system requirements are Android 2.3.
  • Most of the APK file requires the activation of the unknown source option within the settings>Application.


  • There is a possibility to speed up the functioning of the operating system.
  • You can able to save the battery.
  • And also you can able to uninstall the bloatware which is installed by the default.
  • You can able to remove the adverts.
  • And also able to improve the backup system.
  • Able to find more customization.


  • Whenever the process doesn’t go well, Then you are going to run towards the risk of bricking your phone.
  • So that the operating system may become more unstable.
  • So that you are going to lose the warranty of your device.

Final Verdict:

Finally, KingRoot Apk is an application which is used to root your Android device in just a few seconds, whenever you have an operating between the Android 4.2.2 and Android 5.1. This is known as this KingRoot will make you do the same thing as the classic Towelroot, And also you can able to use it when you have a lollipop too.

The best thing is the procedure to root your device is very simple as Towelroot. When the app is totally in Chinese, The thing that you have to do is just hit on the blue button and wait, After some time this KinRoot will finish its working and so that you have rooted your device.




Insta Mp3 Download for Android

we inserted completely  secured download links & free from Virus/Malware, In order start download must verify that you’r  a Human….

InstaMp3 is also known as the search engine so that you can able to download your favorite songs mostly in an HD quality. Most of the people will love and like to listen to music even in offline or online. Usually, it is a digital era, each everything is online so does listening to the music. So that in these days you can able to find a lot of music streaming services from which allows you to listen to the music online without any downloading. In that case, many of these services will provide you with the different kind of songs, So that there is no matter what kind of the music you like, you can always able to find your favorite song on this amazing InstaMp3 service.

Download SnapTube APK For Free

Generally, InstaMp3 is known as the free mul   timedia application which is created by the Global wallpapers. Usually, this Instamp3 is used for searching audio files in MP3 format online. Most of the users will try to enter the name of the song or the artist name, and also the application which will offer them quickly.

Downloading And The Installation Process Of The InstaMp3

So now you complete knowing what is the InstaMp3, now it is the time to provide you the trusted and safe link to download this amazing feature which is provided below. By using this link now you can able to download the latest InstaMp3 APK file which is used to require the manual installation. At the whenever you are new to APK installation on Android then you need to do InstaMp3 music downloads from this article so that you should follow the below steps just to install this InstaMp3 on your device.

  • Firstly you need to open the Android settings> security.
  • Then you need to scroll down and you need to enable the “Installation Apps from the Unknown sources”.
  • Then you need to hit on the link which is provided in this article. Just to download the InstaMp3 Apk.
  • Now you need to save this file in the device storage which is known as Download folder.
  • After that, you need to wait for the installation process to complete.
  • Finally, when it is done you need to open the app and start downloading the songs from now.

Latest Version1.0
Publish Date19-09-2019
AuthorGlobal Wallpapers
Downloads2+ M

Major Features Of The InstaMp3 

You can able to download the music for free: The major reason to download the InstaMp3 is just to due to it’s downloading music feature. With this InstaMp3 you can able to download the Mp3 songs from whatever website you want. And also this latest InstaMp3 includes with advanced link tracker which is used to fetches Mp3 links automatically on the webpage which you visit.

In-Built Search Engine: Usually the InstaMp3 320kbps songs download Apk will come with an Inbuilt search feature which allows it’s users to search for the download the music which they want to download. Mostly this feature works like a web search engine So that you can able to enter the song name, music name, artist name, movie/ album name and many more. And also of its related files will be shown to you. And also you can able to search for the feature to remix and also the cover songs of the original music.

High-Quality Audio Files: Mostly they are some more music downloading apps, which will not provide the many options while you downloading the music files. When you are coming to the InstaMp3 Song download Mp3 is completely different. Whenever you are downloading the files with this amazing InstaMp3, then you will get a notification about the available music quality. So that you can able to downloading this amazing InstaMp3 according to your needs. Usually, this feature comes with a handy, At the time when you are looking for some music file, with the highest audio quality possible.

Frequent Updates: At the time when the official site InstaMp3 free Mp3 music download site which has taken down, So that many of the developers has focused more on the InstaMp3 app. So that according to the user requirement this InstaMp3 updates very quickly to improve the more support from its new websites and also its database. And also, more importantly, they are thousands of websites which are used with the IntaMp3 to download the songs without paying a single penny. And also you can able to use the search feature to search for the song which is available in this InstaMp3 database.

100% Free and Safe to Use: This InstaMp3 download is completely free and safe. You need to remember that they are many fake apps and which are same as the which are available on the internet. So that you should not use them apart from that you can able to download the InstaMp3 from this page which is totally trusted safe to use, And you need to install it manually on your device just make it work for the music downloading needs. With this InstaMp3 you can able to download the songs from the internet and also from those websites which don’t have such an option.

Download Free Latest Peggo 

Final Verdict

So finally this is a piece of total information about the InstaMp3 320kbps So that we hope that now you can able to download this InstaMp3 APK from this page without having a single issue. Yes, ofcource this InstaMp3 app will not look as good as the other music apps for Android, But still, it is used to work pretty well at the time when it comes to the Android music downloads. Mostly they are huge number of people who are searching for a how-to-use InstaMp3 apk online, usually, there is no way available just to use this service online.

So we keep updating the download link with the latest InstaMp3 Download APK. So that you need to keep visiting this site to get the latest updates.

Frequently asked questions

Insta Mp3 Download is a simple tool to get audio files in an instant. Users can get the latest tunes that are being played today. The audio downloaded is in MP3 format, making it compatible for all mobile devices.

Insta Mp3 Download can help users to find every music across the world. It presents a custom search engine. Users simply enter the name of the song, as well as the name of the artist. A list of songs is shown. The audio formats available for download are mp3 and mp4. These formats are commonly used in every platform. Users can find different kinds of music genre that will fit with their taste. There are genres like pop, rap, rock, electro, and party which are easy to find. The application ensures that music downloaded is at their finest quality so that users can enjoy their tunes. Every song downloaded meanwhile are viewable to the local music gallery. They can also play them anywhere they go

One of best and free multimedia application created by Global Wallpapers. The application is made for searching audio files in MP3 format online. Users simply enter the name of the song or the artist name, and the application will provide them quickly.


MP3 is an audio file format coming from the MPEG-1 standards. It was an enhancement as it possesses more bit-rates, as well as compatibility for additional audio channels. MP3 is also considered as part of the third audio format for MPEG-2 standards. The file format version of MP3 contains a stream of MPEG-1 audio along with video encoded data. Any complexities that the MP3 standards possessed were eliminated. MP3 is designed for compressing CD-quality songs at the same time keeping its sound quality. The file size is minimized to allow faster downloading along with storing more songs efficiently. 

  • Downloading songs without permission is illegal
  • Illegal downloading is stealing from artists
  • Too simplistic app
  • Cannot download songs in other formats
  • Find new songs
  • Get an mp3 or mp4 for free
  • Have a copy of the latest song
  • Play songs anywhere

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4.0+ For Android

Tamilrockers Apk

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Free Music Apk

1.29 for Android

Free Music Downloader

1.2.8 for Android

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Download Latest and Updated GTA5 Apk for Andriod For Free


GTA5 Apk Fro Androids & IOS

Information About GTA5 Version:

Apk name – GTA5

Version- v1.9

download requirements -4.0+

Developers – Rockstar Games


This is one best game to feel more fun and makes GTA 5 more epic is a GTAAndorids & IOS version. Apart from the distinct lack of GTA 5 mobile, the game itself is groundbreaking and amazing. Will playing games should go so much depth into the world of GTA 5 by Rockstar, That you’ll spend years to explore it completely.

My aspect i spent around 900 hours in the GTA 5 world and world spend another 900 if it had a GTA 5 android version released. Download GTA 5 apk to know for yourself why this game is fun and epic. I’m sure  that this online game make you huge enertain and this will make money for the publisher, but it’s the single-player campaign that makes it such a compelling and interesting game for gamers.

GTV V APK or Grand Theft Auto V(GTA 5) is an perfect action games developed by Rockstar North-a subsidiary of Rockstar Games. And this is the 15th product of the grand theft Auto series, which is the sequel to Grand theft Auto IV. It was released on sept 2014 17th thug and in April 2015 for Microsoft Windows. It is the first mail entry i the grand Theft Auto series since 2008 grand theft Auto. Set within the fictional state of San Andreas based on Southern California, in this game we can see the single player story follows three criminals and their efforts to commit heists while under pressure from a local government agency. The open world design lets players freely roam San Andreas open country side and the fictional cit of  Los Sontos based on Los Angeles.

one of the most anticipated and popular is GTA 5 for Android with IOS. Rockstart Games says they have not had the experience and are not ready to release the GTA 5 on Android. But their are lot of people where looking forward to playing the GTA v on their android device, which has promoted other to implement it. Although released more than 4 years ago, GTA 5 is still a challenge for those who want to play it, due to high requirements configuration and high-quality graphics. However, we can confirm you were able to play GTA 5 on Android now. All you need to do is download GTA 5 APK + Data from the link we provided below, install it then enjoy the game. GTA 5 Mobile has been optimized for smartphones, the game has an intuitive control system, beautiful 3d graphics, all of which make you feel like playing it on your PC. 

Main Requirements for GTA5 on Andriod

Mainly the GTA5 can be unable to run on the normal andriod os . Quality resolutions of the gta5 can be high with 4k so that mobile has to be in the good and well condition .the performance of graphics can be high of this GTA5 the version and ram of the mobile have to be in proper condition. This article will explain how to run this app file in android for performance.

Download GTA 5 apk on Andriod devices

Firstly we have installed the file in our Android device and download the data file of the GTA5 of the required information to run that GTA5 file .GTA5 is not a normal Andriod game, it has most featured and GUI used in the Game .GTA5 is the one of the Topmost game published by the Rockstar Game

We all know that GTA 5 named as the best game ever made, this game was released in 2013. Here we providing GTA Games for android download link to fulfil your dream as a chanve just click on give link and start your game and feel more fun.. Back then 2019 it was available for playstation 3 and Xbox 360. But after a year it was also inserted on PS4 and XBox one. Later they are many user’s suffering from devices problem to reduce this issue they released a PC version and filled the whole market with satisfaction, moreover whole market because GTA 5 mobile was not released. Not until now! but here you can check out the latest updated version of GTA 5 Androids and IOS that was optimized especially to fit to every user pocket, To this should insert graphics and gameplay that where taken straight from the PC/Console version of game awaits. You can download here to your Tablet or phone…

Here given version gives you heavy fun regarding the version of the game because it runs smoothly on every device with over 1GB of RAM only.. 

Its over light weight because given download file without any virus or malware by that way you insert all the necessary files on the go, making it even more fun & entertainment. Here you can download with low space on you phone. You will see here with latest GPU emulation on the games that make you good as a console or PC version. Moreover you won’t suffer from new problems like buttery-lighting or slow…… Without any restriction you can download here instantly and sit there until you leave. But that’s not every Optimization that was made to GTA 5 Android.  This completely functional version of the game is right here at your fingertips. Just click on download button and download GTA 5 apk file 0r IPA file and install it on your device.

Step by step process to download GTA 5 APK for Androids & IOS

  • Click on given download button as per your device IOS or Androids..
  • Run the apk and install it. On Android it may ask you to allow the installation by settings unblock for security reasons just keep go on Allow
  • Change small setting on your device to allow apk file its takes less than 1 minutes depend upon your device..
  • Once installed, run then game from your app drawer or the desktop icon on your device.
  • The game will download data and OBB file and start after it finishes the process.

Frequently asked questions

Instead of a boring description of a game, that you probably know, let me shock you with some numbers:

Among the seven Guinness world records broken by GTA V upon release; it smashed the record for the fastest video game to make a profit of $1 billion in sales.

GTA 5 is an action-adventure game which brings you into the world of organized crime.

You get to be the mob boss of Los Santos in the state of San Andreas.

You can play the game from either a third or first-person perspective.

In GTA 5, you’re allowed to switch between three lead characters during a mission.

And, if you are reading this blogpost, you know what is the one major challenge with GTA 5.

GTA V is not available on Android!

The reasons are not far-fetched. But you have to keep reading to find out.

You’ll be glad to discover there are ways around this problem.

Here’s a question that requires a definite answer though.

Android phones have evolved over the years. Latest versions use the Android Pie (9.0) or Oreo (8.1) operating system.

These new age phones come with a built-in RAM of 8-16GB. They even run on up to eight processing cores or more.

Heard of Octa Core or NanoCore? Android phones now run on these.

Despite the impressive growth in Android phone development, they still aren’t well-equipped to run games like GTA 5.

  1. TA 5 file size is as large as 72 GB!
  2. GTA 5 requires a dedicated video card memory space of 2GB to play.
  3. This game is best played on a system running an Intel Octa-Core processor with 8GB of RAM
  4. The game graphics are too much for the processing power of a phone

You don’t need to be an IT genius to get it done.

  • Vortex is among the most affordable cloud gaming service you can find.
  • With Vortex you can now play GTA 5 anywhere and at any time.
  • Vortex allows you to play high-end games on low-end devices. But your Android device must be running Android 4.4 OS or above.
  • You don’t spend money buying and maintaining a gaming PC or console.
  • Vortex offers you low input latency – GTA 5 runs smoothly on your Android device without lagging.
  • You have to subscribe to Vortex to play the game. Although Vortex is very affordable, some would still prefer a freebie.
  • You have to own the game on your Steam account first.
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Download Free Latest Peggo 2.0.8 For Android – YouTube To Mp3 …


Peggo 2.0.8 Download for Android

During past years, its been very difficult to download a video or a soundtrack in mobiles and android devices .but no worries nowadays .since we have the latest application to download a video or a soundtrack , named PEGGO APK. this app has astounding features of downloading a video and extracting a sound from youtube. In addition to this, the application can be easily accessible on android devices with no external disturbances.

Usually, PEGGO has become the prior choice for android users. It has come up with the search box at its download any video just paste the URL of your video in the search box. We can also search for the video of our choice directly in the search bar.

And peggo is one of best and free application here you can download any file like movies music from YouTube instantly without any restriction or sound affects which can then be saved to a device and accessed offline. Its just work behind pasting a URL into the app, By pasting you can see the list below search bar with converted Audio to an MP3 file which almost instantaneously, supporting anything from music to podcasts. There is too a useful application who required to download videos or audios or shows in online..

This is one type of cut-converting and streaming for your favourite videos we will explain here with step by step guide and given download link is very safe and without any virus/malware. And given application which allows the views to get videos or audio converter. This Peggo tv App work well in both the mobilephone and in PC well.

Download Free Technocare Apk | Key To Disable FRP Protection On Your Device


  1. Firstly click on the download option that is below , next to that the apk starts get downloading.
  1. Thereafter comes a message delivering that your device is not allowing installation from unknown sources. Here you must allow the installation from unknown sources.
  2. You will get into the Peggo Apk and here you can access the videos and music and you can download the videos of your choice

How to use Peggo Apk to download Quality videos?

Their are many applications like Peggo APk but compare with other application you can download simple and very easy method. Here any one can download videos and audios from YouTube is very easy thanks to this application. Mostly we use only two methods to download any video or audio with inseting URl from which you want to download contents or you can search by movie or music artist name or song name or album.

  •  After download Peggo APk, On display home page insert your YouTube Link on search Box.
  • Tab on enter you’ll immediately be redirected to your results on YouTube that mate your search..
  • Then after Choose your album or video click on download button which you want to extract..
  • Here you can choose any option like audio, video, record audio then after click on the blue button labeled record MP3…
  • From the download tab you can see all the videos and songs downloaded to play them when and wherever you want like memory or phone storage.

User’s Required Features 

  • Download nay video or audio from YouTube with any restrictions.
  • possibility to choose the precise fragment we wish to record by means of a sliding…control that allows us to indicate the start and end point..
  • You can recognize in the page with two checkboxes to remove silences and normalize the volume..
  • Different audio quality you can download here with selection…
  • Tab on download selection from where we can check the progress of the downloads…
  • You can select here multiple options in audio to download quality 64, 96, 128, 192 and 256 kbps….
  • And you can also see multiple options with different qualities on videos and best information about the video space and MB 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p…


  • Fast conversion and download
  • even at 1080p HD
  • Attractive design and simplicity of use.


  • The abundance of adverts can be off-putting
  • The search bar does not always deliver desired results

Reliable And Highly Recommended

Peggo’s streamline design, range of feature and layout will be comes under best user interference and whopping 1080 HD output make it a solid alternative to other video to MP3 apps. Here complete work run in online and here little restrictions are placed that work unless you subscribe to the pro version, registering for an account with a valid email address with this process you can skip all the limits and restrictions.

Installing this YouTube downloader has no secrets. Once you paste in download bar just go on with run button to start the installation process, provided that you’ve previously enabled the option to install application from unknown source  from 

Setting -> Security

Once if you done this you can download any Apk, after this process peggo start filling memory on your device or tablet with our favorite MP3 and MP4.

And this is not an Peggo official app. This is an Unofficial Peggo App guide created by fans who required download from YouTube without restriction peggo apk – youtube to mp3 converter – android application but not associated or affiliated with developers of any app or any of their partners.

Download Free Android WefBee APK V1.2

How to use or application to record video and convert to mp3 ?

Its very simple and easiest method to download or record any video or MP3 from Peggo.

  •  Peggo website or application is preferred to download Query on Youtube or soundcloud, In this process users should paste YouTube required video Query/Link in the search bar on the peggo page. It automatically displays a list of items based on the query peggo replacement.
  • Peggo alternative to IOS users can then choose from choice displayed on the page. Just by pressing ENTER the users can reach destine within seconds. Then after page displays various albums age the video titles artists duration of the video. Users can then choose which is desired video or MP3 based on their requirement,
  • Peggo not working when the user chooses a specific video, it takes them to the next page means “redirection” which is the digital video recorder page. For this simply choose either convert to MP3 or MP4 then press record…
  • Allow you little time for Peggo converting the file what you required to MP3/MP4.

Youtube to mp3 converter With

Its very simple to convert YouTube Video into MP3 in a quick and hassle free manner. And its free to download no paid service is visible here. Its too easy to download audio file from YouTube video and soundcloud. First go search for video in YouTube by simply typing name of the video and then after paste it on Peggo application then begin the download process. Even before the app initiates the download process, it offers many options such as normalize the volume, edit the title choose the start and end point of the video and so forth.
In YouTube their are millions of songs on soundcloud and YouTube this is simple app can be used to download audio easily and quickly on androids device. It can be save offline and accessed from anywhere on your device.

Frequently asked questions

Users can check the video with the help of the video preview option or the stream directly from YouTube option. This can be done by simply pressing ‘Play’ on the video.

Users can record video, audio or both simultaneously with

It is also possible to change the name of the artist and the title of the album before saving it to the hard drive.

An option to choose the time frame of the video or audio files by choosing the “start” and “stop” buttons on the page.

Peggo has options to normalize, remove silence, dicover metadata options an so forth. Each feature is explained when the user moves the cursor onto the “?” mark


Watch Movies And TV series Online for Free and safely | Best 11 Alternative sites for Couchtuner

CouchTuner is a free video streaming site where launched back in 2010 and it soon reached massive amount users to this website over worldwide though viewer are teaching like a best website to collect best shows and movies, However issues about couchTuner’s came finally decided its a safe and legal to use. Website offering a number of television shows/Movies and its a free of cost and won’t require any membership or payments. 

Its an highly preferred website for offering a wide selection of television shows/Movies for free. And informing you that it does not host this content by itself, it just act as a database that will helps to redirect viewers to different streaming websites to make more entertain to site viewers, By surfing on this every one can enjoy more by watching TV shows online for free. Moreover here won’t require any subscription, payments, or even an account.


 Here you can sign up free to get complete access to hundreds of popular TV shows latest movies including shows currently airing on television. The site even shows you ultimate content from premium cable networks such as HBO and ShowTime.

Moreover their are number viewers visited number of sites on internet compare with other sites, CouchTuner will focuses on TV shows. The website shows you can watch from any web browse alsofrom  a kodi device, providing a convenient way to watch the new episodes.


Is Couchtuner Safe or Not?


CouchTuner is like pirate websites, coming this way it is little risk to access without any VPN’s or Proxies on Internet but you can use both paid or free. Not only due to your ISP likely monitoring your online activities, here main you should hide your Internet activities and history to your trackers or internet providers though website itself is not safe. Its comes with little risk like malware posting as ads are a large problem on the service. And its too easy to corrupt your entire system by clicking on the wrong wrong thing.

This site layout is simple and more easier to use, the site also contain an overwhelming number of pop-ups ads or advertisements. Those given ads are comes from third party that they contain malicious code. Here you should check before clicking on ads or pop-ups, never should click on those ads and here more suspicious thing is if you may infect your computer with a virus or malware before you even stream a video/shows. 

Besides the legal issues concerning the site you should be aware of the safety risks. Here uploaded site hosts/videos are huge quantity provided by website, but those videos are not checked by viruses or malware even if you watch it your device will be infected by stream. 

Those videos are not with high quality and the given content itself is poorly organized, which makes can make you hard to find your requirement on the content. However even with all of thees issues, those who enjoy free online streaming can still fulfil their daily needs for TV shows, movies, and other similar content by making use of numerous alternatives to Couchtuner.

ThopTV APK 18.0 Download Latest Version For Androids/IOS/Windows/Linux(64 bit & 32 bit)

Is CouchTuner 2 Legal or not?

Free video streaming means CouchTune is not a legal. Because owner of the site do not obtain any necessary copyright licenses to legally stream the content that they share

Here their will be high chances to the government to take a action against website like CouchTuner. Because all the provided content is legal and copyright laws area in many regions


If you won’t hide your internet history or activities it may cause you in risky position, almost it is rare for an internet user viewing pirated content to face legal consequences, while this work if your internet provider may punish on your action if here know your internet history.

It is illegal to stream copyrighted content without the copyright owner’s permission it worth every where in Google, this is the main reason CouchTuner will change their domain name continuously why because your ISP block the name. In some countries, ISP restrict the internet bandwidth when customer are watch accessing copyrighted/pirated content. By watching television on this site, your ISP may choose to limit your internet speeds.

Download Free FIFA 18 For PC/Androids

123Movies was the worlds most free movies streaming pirated website on the web according to the MPAA, by this site viewers increased more than 98 Millions in a month. But later it shut down in 2018.

Their some sub-domains as like CouchTuner which are working perfectly.


Couchtuner is most popular and well-know platform that helps to watch TV shows and Movies online. Coucntuner is best and latest way to make you perfect entertain. Its completely free to use and provided huge popular and latest movies and TV shows.

Main Reasons Behind The Banned Of The Website’s Like Couchtuner

In December 2014 the affected ISP’s decided to publish more information about blocking order they received, sites are blocked using various methods across the BIG 5 UK ISPs in accordance with sections 97 of the inserting same designs, copyrights and making same layouts or content makes it difficult to ascertain the extent to which a site is blocked or not.

Why Does Websites Like Couchtuner Not Get Taken Down For Any Copyright Infringement

Here will see two main reasons apart above question…

  1. If a site has banned by copyright that has to be charged by the owner or creator, it is not automatic, Not because it was built that way searching about creator is too costly behind just say they don’t care. If it’s an issue the owner can do something about it.
  2. This is completely happens between plaintiff and defendant, in this local governments body that’s sweeps the internet, looking for websites in their jurisdiction that allow streaming or downloading of copyrighted content without authorization of copied holders.

How to watch Safe TV shows and movies In Couchtune?

Here will provides you encountered solution to watch movies or shows from quite risky, In counhtune given numerous ads as well as malware posing as ads in middle of content, even if you watch any video also your device will be affect by viruses. To reduce this issue here we are giving a short and simple solution to our users to be in safe mode without any troubles at end up. To make this solution better to use VPN’s or Proxies to away from dangerous viruses. Which mostly helps you to protect from unwanted things but also unlock geo-restricted services like HULU..
VPN stands for Virtual Private Netword and these are online service that can protect their users through a combination of secure and safe protocols with strong encryption and large server networks. On internet you can gather more than 100 of VPNs and in those you can see offers and additional features but these three are what they all have in common.

Here can see strong security tips are given here to our users, VPN’s can be a best shield your traffic and make if impossible for anyone to track your details or to see what you do online or internet history, Where encryption comes with extra level of protection, just in case someone manages to obtain your data. It also makes unreadable and many VPNs use the strongest one on the market.

 Our Main suggestion is there are many server networks which contain VPN-owned servers to numerous countries around the world. By connection those VPN’s can hide your IP address easily to your tracker or internet providers. it just replace your IP address and places another un-location IP address with one tied to a specific server, means your location will be changed in just seconds in online. This will makes your safe and geo-restricted sites and bypass censorship introduced by your ISP.  Here you can also unblock any blocked sites in any online streaming service, no matter where you love and what your ISP has to say about it.
couchtuner Free: CouchTuner eu ag watch series online for free, couch Tuner watch game of thrones, modern family, the walking dead for free conchtuner COM EU LA AG UK
We already know that CouchTuner eu ag is worthy on watch series online for free and Couch Tuner watch games of thrones, Movies, Modern Family and the walking dead for free couchtuner COM EU LA AG UK
Keywords: Watch TV Online, online tv, tv streaming, watch shows online, stream tv shows online, couchtuner, couch tuner, couchtuner eu, Couch Tuner online, Couchtuner watch series

There are many sites like CouchTuner and it helps you to find more sites like similar and maybe your new destination for streaming online content- Here are some of the best couchTuner alternatives are given below. Listed below are some of the best alternatives to Couchtuner movies/shows. Here given alternative will be charge/free both are given here. This is mostly given for information purpose, we never promote piracy. These sites are hand-picked and updated this on 2019.

SnapTube APK| Download The Latest Version 

Best 11 Worthy Couch Tuner Alternatives & Pro's/Con's

Disclaimer: This site does not store any files on its server. All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties.

#1. SolarMovie

Here you can search any movies you want to watch in online without any instructions, just simply enter album name and tab on search watch watch thousands movies and Tv shows online..

#2. 1337x

One of most popular and preferred site to watch any shows or movies… This is official 1337x website and their working and latetest domains are listed on their Homepage, As of today working without any restriction and use VPN or Proxies to use without any problem.


Trending Torrents, Movie library, TV library, New TV Episodes, Top 100 Torrents, Anime, Applications, Documentaries, Games, Movies..

#3. New Episodes

High and perfect quality streaming can enjoy here. And website layout is under with user interference without any ads disturbance any one can use friendly..

 Browse Here

Aired This Week, Popular, Alphabetically, Schedule,  Episodes…

Best and biggest platform who want to stream online without any paid and this is free streaming website here you can watch any movie, shows ,latest and old movies just on tab, Moreover you can download here without any charges Here you can get updates to face user satisfaction.

Browse Here

Movies, Shows, Music, etc….

#5. Eprojectfreetv

One more good site for streaming in online. And the site is completely neat and perfect user interference site which is good for new users and Best alternative to CouchTuner

Browse Here

Shows, Episodes, Movies

#6. MovieWatcher

One of best Movie streaming site, Here any one can watch all movies and TV series Online without any restrictions and moreover absolutely for free without signup, You will see here daily updates and latest movies with perfect HD quality Movies 720p or 1080p.  Best alternative to CoutchTuner

Browse Here

Movies, Shows, Episodes, Music and regular Updates

#7. RainierLand

Best alternative to CouchTuner and where you can watch perfect quality and completely free movies and shows without any restriction, And can download without any virus/malware risky, Here offers you massive database which non-stop updates.

Browse Here

Movies, Shows, Episodes, Music Free

#8. Flixto

Just on click start watching latest movies and TV shows for free without registration and Best user interference site and without any ads on site with hour to hour updates…

Browse Here

Latest Movies, Episodes, Music and no advertisements

#9. 1primewire

Fastest and easiest site with latest updates on movies, TV Episodes. Here you won’t see any ads because they need a user interference and no charges are applicable for download or watch.

Browse Here

Movies, Episodes ….

#10. HULU

Now get All Your TV In One Place Without any charges, its completely free and the best to watch movies. Here you can get more entertain on watching live sports, news, Entertainment on Hulu. And one best alternative website for CouchTuner..

Browse Here 

Movies, Episodes, Live News, Entertainment, Sports….

#11. Netflix

Here can watch On TV’s,  PlayStation, Xbox, Chromecast, Apple TV, Blu-ray players and more. And more over had this option Save your data and watch all your favourites offline.

Browse Here

Movies, Shows, Episodes, News, Music….


Download Free FIFA 18 For PC/Androids


Download Free FIFA 18 for Android & IOS

FIFA 18 Description

  • Simple to play, no one face any toughness to master addiction
  • Here anyone can Win awards, trophies, score goals, can change required clubs, represent your country and go for destine..
  • New score! Engine that allows more freedom and strategic play than ever before..
  • Intelligent AI adapts to your passes, and shots making each play through different…
  • Connect with social media like Facebook to complete against your closest friends..
  • Customise your Here player for a unique look and feel..
  • Your achievements and leading’s can visible on top..
  • Sync progress between device with Google Play clouds..
  • Engaging story charting your rise from an aspiring teen to a player making it Big..

Now even You can also have a chance to score the goals and can be a Hero like “Messi and Ronaldo” and win the world soccer championship tournaments of the year 2018 Download now…!

we inserted completely  secured download links & free from Virus/Malware, In order start download must verify that you’r  a Human….

Latest Version1.1
User Rating9/10

FIFA 18 is a best football video game which is designed and developed for a number of different platforsms here included with Microsoft windowns, Playstation and  Xbox. This is one of latest installation in FIFA series and the first to utilise the frostbite the games engine this is published by the electronics arts, And the game features life-like gameplay from all your frostbite 

FIFA 18 is a football video game designed and developed for a number of different platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Playstation and Xbox. Published by Electronic Arts, FIFA 18 is the latest installment in the FIFA series and the first to utilise the Frostbite game engine. Like the installments before it, the game features life-like gameplay from all your favourite players and teams and blends fantasy with reality for a gaming experience unlike any other. The download button will redirect you to the Origin store, where you can buy the Standard, Ronaldo or Icon edition of the game. 

Download Free FUT 20 DRAFT SIMULATOR for Android – SEASONS + APK

The latest and greatest

For fans of the long-running FIFA gaming series that dates back to 1994, ’18 offers the latest technology along with the familiar gameplay you’ve come to know and love. With over 30 leagues, including the English Premier League, and more than 650 teams from all over the world to choose from, it’s a game that football fans from anywhere can get on board with. During play, players will feel like they’re watching a real match. With commentary provided by real-life football commentators, you’ll feel like you’re looking in on a live event. Especially with the high-quality graphics and life-like players, FIFA 18 is the next best thing to joining the pros on the pitch.


Quality and quantity

Though they’re released every year, FIFA games retain their high level of quality each time. The turnaround may be quick for new releases, but they’re all promised to be great games and FIFA 18 is no exception. Even details such as the manager’s life-like appearance are honed and perfected to make a game you can truly immerse yourself in

Click on Image

Best games for realistic, Immersive & Addictive is only Fifa 18 this is perfect games for football player’s which makes more fun and fastest games paced gameplay, Most realistic physics, astonishing atmosphere and tons of replay values. Here have a option to build the best squad on worldwide and lead them all the way to win the league champion or world cup of FIFA! Here every one looks at only who makes Ultimate players of score! Fifa 18 Hero us the definitive mobile football simulation, Featuring simple control, smooth animation and insane actions. Pass and dribble around opponents, take aim, shoot GOOOOAAAALLLL…. Game play lets you control the action. Split defences with precise though the balls 0r bends shots into the top cornet, putting you in control for an experience.It’s the last minute of the game and your opponent has the ball… but he’s lost it! What a chance to score the winner… you take aim, shoot… GOOOOAAAALLLL!

“Download Secure & Safe Popcorn Time Apk

With simple gameplay and great physics, Dream League Ultimate Soccer-Real Football is easy to pick up and fun to play! In true competitive style, challenge your opponents all over the world for online table soccer matches!
Compete in different tiers, from different countries! Play online against people from all over the world or against your friends and be a star! Login with your Facebook account and challenge your friends to show them what it means to be a Soccer FIFA Legend and take the cup home! Oh, and you can also play offline against a friend in the same device!
What are you waiting for? Everyone else is already playing FIFA 18 dream challenges in mobile soccer! Don’t miss out on this chance to have tons of fun!
You can also customize your GOAL! Hero dream experience by collecting the different teams! Show off your style and score! and defend your nation’s star colors!


A ‘Legacy Edition’ of EA SPORTS FIFA includes all the great gameplay, game modes and features included in the previous year’s product, but with updated kits and squads for the new football season.

Non-Legacy Editions of EA SPORTS FIFA are currently produced for PC, XboxOne, and PlayStation 4. These editions will feature gameplay improvements and mode innovations that are not possible on Legacy Edition platforms.

Legacy Editions of EA SPORTS FIFA continue to provide the same great gameplay, game modes, and game features you’ve come to expect with unmatched authenticity, leagues, licenses and with updated team kits and rosters, all at a great value.

No – ‘Legacy Editions’ are the only EA SPORTS FIFA 18 products currently being made for these platforms.

Currently, Legacy Editions are produced on the following platforms: PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

Sims 4 Cheats

FIFA Soccer



SnapTube APK| Download The Latest Version For Free Today


Snaptube APK

Generally, SnapTube APK is known as the youtube video downloader and also it allows you to download videos from different platforms like Instagram or youtube and also used to convert sound to MP3. You can also able to resort services such as Spotify, Netflix, or HBO which is used to enjoy your favorite movies or videos and also you can able to listen the via streaming including with the great quality and also totally legally.

Moreover, they are many applications that are capable of downloading videos and music from sites such as youtube. And this SnapTube Pro is one of them. Youtube video downloader is not only limited to Google’s portal because you can also able to download the videos from Facebook and InstagramMoreover, they are many applications that are capable of downloading videos and music from sites such as youtube. And this SnapTube Pro is one of them. Youtube video downloader is not only limited to Google’s portal because you can also able to download the videos from Facebook and Instagram

Best Way To Install The SnapTube Pro APK:

  • Firstly you need to hit on the download button which we have provided, At the time when your browser popups for a video then you need to click on the OK button, If in case there is no popup, then your download will start automatically.
  • At the time when you are unable to find the download list of the browser, Then you need to need to drag down the top of the screen( notification bar) Then you can able to find the downloaded SnapTube and then install it.
  • If in the case when you are installing the APK for the first time then you need to click on the settings and then security> unknown sources,
  • Then you need to turn on the unknown sources, In your first step you need to enable it to install the apps which are out of the Google Play, After that, you need to click on OK just to turn on the unknown sources, Then you have to move to the downloads, Then you need to hit on the downloaded SnapTube apk to install.

Most importantly SnapTube is not available in the Google Play store because of its policy which prohibits youtube downloading apps for the copyright concern. Basically SnapTube is safe and secure and also it is not a virus or malware.

Download Free Android WefBee APK

Snaptube APK Version History

Snaptube APK

Required: Android

12.2 MB

Update on :  2018-12-13

Snaptube APK

Required: Android

6.8 MB

Update on : 2016-12-19

SnapTube apk

Required: Android

6.2 MB

Update on : 2016-08-24

SnapTube APK

Required: Android

6.0 MB

Update on :2016-08-17

SnapTube APK

Required: Android

5.9 MB

Update on : 2016-07-15

SnapTube APK

Required: Android

 5.1 MB

Update on : 2016-06-13

Working Process Of The SnapTube Pro APK:

With this SnapTube Pro APK is not too complicated. When you start running you can able to explore the various contents which can be downloaded by browsing with its 11 categories. And also you can able to search and also receive suggestions and daily recommendations, or visit the most viewed contents.

According to the downloads, you need to use your download button, The only reason is you are unable to get this SnapTube pro APK on google play. Because of us know that the official Android store used to strict the apps which can be used to rip contents So that it is usually subject to copyright. Most importantly we need to say that you need to use this SnapTube Pro APK under your own liability which you could be infringing laws that depend on what you download.

So that the SnapTube APK has become the more popular mostly on tablets and Android smartphones. being a good alternative to Tubemate. And start allowing it to the various platforms like IOS and iPhone and iPad. Most importantly on Windows PCs, it is much easier, because they are much more comfortable and functional alternatives which are in the case of a Tube Catcher.

Major Features Of The SnapTube APK:

Usually, it is a very decent tool that we can is used to carry out the following functions.

  • In this SnapTube Pro APK, you can able to download the videos from the various different resolutions.
  • And also direct downloads of audio in MP3 format.
  • With this SnapTube Pro APK, you can also able to search for the videos just by using Keywords.
  • In this SnapTube Pro APK, you can also able to manage all the videos downloaded.
  • And also with this SnapTube Pro APK, you can able to download the videos in HD.

SnapTube Pro APK is the application which is one of the best alternatives to download the videos on windows.

Download Free Technocare Apk | Key To Disable FRP Protection On Your Device

New Things In This Latest Version:

  • In this latest version of SnapTube pro-APK, you can able to find the new HD download options.
  • Direct download of MP3.
  • You can also find the greater download speeds in the background.
  • And also a video to MP3 audio conversion functions.

Frequently asked questions

The app has been designed to make downloading videos extremely easy. Simply visit the detail page and click the download button that can be found on the lower right hand side, choose the desired resolution and the download will start automatically.

Users who wish to filter their Snaptube results simply need to locate the Duration and All time options, which can be found at the bottom of their results page. It is then possible to filter the video results that appear by either the length of the video or the date when it was originally uploaded onto the video website.

Snaptube comes complete with a large number of useful features such as the ability to download YouTube videos with a single click. The app also allows users to download videos from other video websites, while users can set their desired resolution such as HD so that they can view the video on their TV.

The app is not actually available through Google Play due to Google’s policy prohibiting YouTube downloading apps. However, it is possible to download Snaptube directly from the company’s website.

The app has been designed to be completely safe and clean. It is not a virus or malware and regular checks are carried out to make sure that it is free from bugs and that it continues to work smoothly. And more over its completely legal Because of the restrictions on downloading YouTube videos, it is important to use Snaptube for personal purposes only. People who violate this condition are likely to find that their service is terminated, while it is a good idea to check the specific laws in the country you are in.


Download Latest SHAREit APK 5.0.88V – Now Transfer & Share Data Device To Device


SHAREit 5.0.88 For Andoirds

we inserted completely  secured download links & free from Virus/Malware, In order start download must verify that you’r  a Human….

Share it apk file new version is available for android devices. Share it can transfer music, videos, apps and documents for one device to another device .shareit can be easy sharing for all platforms and supports. Share it can transfer files faster than Bluetooth.shareit cant use data to sharing the files. It has its own network for sharing files. We will determine how to download share its apk file and features of the app file.

Shareit apk install provides various platforms for sharing files to mobiles, tablets, and PCs.It can get various OS for Android , Apple, Blackberry. Share-it is a free sharing file App for users to transfer a huge amount of files like music videos and documents of not using the internet.
It can sending files with the scanning with the QR Code with another device. Share it cant share files over wife or Bluetooth. It can also clone the device and transfer data to various devices. Shareit is multiplatform of its own interface. Share-it can support pc connect to the mobile device. This connection will share in between the Andriod and computer. The file-sharing was quit better to the new mobile of sharing the files and applications to the mobile. ShareIT was not compromising about the quality of any files while sharing to the devices.
shareit app download for mobile can be with maximum speed of 20mbps. while transferring the files directly connect to the device with hotspot. Turn on the hotspot of one device with another device file sharing. After this, you can directly transfer with Shareit Application. By this, both the user’s click send option and receiver can click receive.

Download Secure & Safe Popcorn Time Apk 5.7.2 | 2019 Updates

Shareit apk file download for Andriod:

  • Go to playstore > search shareit apk > install
  • Settings > device management> unknown source enable
  • Download size 26Mb

Shareit apk File Download For IOS:

  • Go to apple store > applications > click on search bar > type share it apk
  • Install> enter the password of apple os manual
  • Open shareitapk file allow the permissions and begin to installation.

Features Of Shareit Apk File

  • The main features of share it apk is sharing files to another device more faster than Bluetooth.shareit cant consume any data while transferring the files
  • Share it gives you live tv channels to watch, play the music, watch videos and trending videos in both offline mode and online.
  • Share it gives you more free options to download images, stickers and Gif.
  • Shareit apk can use directly with your mobile number.
  • Common control interface


Publish Date19-09-2019

SHAREit APK 5.0.82 Previous versions

Shareit Apk 5.0.78 For Androids

Update on: 2019-08-27

26.0 MB

Required: Android

Shareit Apk 5.0.72 For Androids

Update on: 2019-08-23

 26.0 MB

Required: Android

Shareit Apk 5.0.78 For Androids

Update on:2019-08-20

24.6 MB

Required: Android

Shareit Apk 5.0.59 For Androids

Update on: 2019-08-13

25.1 MB

Required: Android

Shareit apk download latest version

Given Shareit apk Download link was latest version with complete virus checked, Never think about virus/malware on this link this is highly qualified link and media that you can share using it are pictures, Audio, Videos and address books. Moreover you can also share complete application from phone to phone also can transfer pictures, documents, videos, text data, audio, and even APKs with Shareit.
It is faster than bluetooth and the good news it that you can use share it without any internet connection and you can see more ultimate feature on downloading this share-it application.

Shareit is Three times faster than Bluetooth, the highest speed goes up to 20M/s.
Transfer files without losing quality.

Shareit Apk FAQ's

This is a special application that can be used to transfer a wide range of different types of files between two devices. The programme is free of charge and is compatible with Windows, Lenovo, Android, iOS and many other types of popular platforms and has a solid reputation for working quickly and smoothly.

The software has a good reputation for being very safe and checks are made regularly to ensure that it does not contain viruses. People who need to share sensitive documents and files can opt for an extra level of security by choosing the secure option before sharing their documents.

Although it may take a little longer to share an entire folder with SHAREit compared to individual files, sharing a folder is very easy. Simply go into the programme’s browser and select the entire folder that you wish to send to another device and then click on Select to choose the folder and send it. Can Other SHAREit Users Connect to a Device Without Permission

SHAREit can be used to share files and folders of any size to any device and a wide range of different types of files can be shared. However, it should be noted that files that are very large will take longer to send than small files and a little patience is often needed.

It is possible to send files via a Wi-Fi connection so that no data is used. In fact, it is often faster to share files via a Wi-Fi connection and this is an especially good option for people who are travelling in another country and want to avoid roaming charges.

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FaceApp Pro APK| Download Latest Version 2019 For Free


FaceApp Pro APK v3.4.14

we inserted completely  secured download links & free from Virus/Malware, In order start download must verify that you’r  a Human….

FaceApp Pro-Apk is known as the most famous mobile photo-editing application. Which is also the most trending app on the market. When you are a regular visit to the social media site like Facebook, Instagram and many other then you can able to find some people sharing their photos with an older face rather than their original age. Surely it makes you excited. The only thing they use is a unique photo editing app which is named as Face App pro. t is also available in play store it is the latest app, This Face app pro is available in the market from February 2019.

Can We Use FaceApp Pro APK?:

Simply it depends on how you feel and what you want. At the time when you are looking for an app, which is used to make your selfie photos unique and funny, Then this FaceApp Pro Apk is the best choice. This Latest FaceApp Pro APK currently in the top popularity on play store with 100 million downloads and also settings. Most of the reviews from the users are really positive.

Download Free Latest V8.0 GBWhatsapp APK For Android/IOS 

According to my point of view, you should be a little cautious with this FaceApp pro-APK. Because copying and remembering your face may also affect your privacy. Because the developer did not give any clarity about what they do with the face of users data. Moreover, FaceApp Pro APK features are really very impressive and deserve to try.

Space17 MB
Publish Date19-09-2019
Downloads2.5+ M

What is FaceApp pRO ?

Faceapp pro apk is known as the photo editing application which is developed and published by the FaceApp Inc. And it also allows you to transform your selfie photo into a totally unique way. This FaceApp pro apk is used to integrates a technology which is developed independently from the developer. Which is used to allow the user to identify the faces and also to analyze them…


And most importantly this FaceApp pro-APK will allow the user to change their gender of the character in the image. It can able to transform the young girl into an old lady and also a man with a beard in a simple way. Basically this application is really too entertaining. And also they are too many options, The only thing that you have to do in this amazing application called FaceApp pro-APK is just taking a selfie and keep it on the application and select the filter and wait for the completion of the process.

FACEAPP PRO APK Version History

FaceApp 3.4.14 for Android

Required: Android

16.7 MB

Update on : 2019-09-04

FaceApp for Android​

Required: Android

16.7 MB

Update on :2019-09-03

FaceApp for Androids

Required: Android

11.7 MB

Update on : 2019-08-23

FaceApp for Androids

Required: Android

11.7 MB

Update on :2019-08-09

FaceApp 3.4.11 for Androids

Required: Android

11.6 MB

Update on :2019-08-02

FaceApp 3.4.10 for Androids

Required: Android

11.6 MB

Update on : 2019-07-25

Simple Way To Use The FaceApp Pro APK:

Firstly you need t0o download the FaceApp Pro APK from the link which we have provided in this article. And then this MOD version will unlock all the advanced features, So, in that case, you can able to use them for free. At the time when you complete the installation process of the FaceApp pro-APK, then you need to choose a selfie photo or you can also able to take the picture right from the main interface of this application.

And most importantly our device is to choose a picture with enough light. And your face not obscured by the objects. So that you need to adjust the frame, which is used to match your face. After that, you need to select the filter which you want and hit on it and apply it. And then wait for a second just to complete the application. When the results are displayed then you able to share it directly to the social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and many more.

Major Features Of The FaceApp Pro APK:

Generally, FaceApp pro-APK is not same as other photo editing apps such as Pics Art Or Photo Lab. This application FaceApp pro will not provide you too many filters or color customizations. This FaceApp pro APK will provide you only a few unique features which help you to transform images in a funny way. Following are the things which Latest FaceAPP Pro apk can able to do.

Latest Peggo 2.0.8 For Android – YouTube To Mp3 

  • You can able to change sex by using this FaceApp Pro-Apk.
  • And also you can able to change the age.
  • Most importantly by using FaceApp Pro APK you can able to add the facial tattoos.
  • And also you can able to create the smile.
  • Changing background
  • You can do makeup
  • And also hair-styling.
  • The best thing in this FaceApp Pro APK can able to find automatically right filters and also the modes for you.

FaceApp Pro APK Faq's

  • Updated processing of in-app purchases, fixed some problems
  • Introduced new Editor tool: Overlay
  • Even more performance improvements to Editor processing.
  • Enjoy real-time results while slider moving!
  • Easy to use
  • Most Funniest App
  • Very Useful
  • Lots of Fun
  • Best photo Editor
  • 😀 Smile & 😀 Smile 2: This filter will add a smile to the face in the photo.
  • 👶 Young: This filter will make the face younger.
  • 👴 Old: This filter will make the face older.
  • 👩 Female: This filter will give the face female features.
  • 👦 Male: This filter will give the face male features.

FaceApp is a mobile application for iOS and Android developed by Russian company Wireless Lab the app uses artificial intelligence to generate highly realistic transformations of faces in photographs. The app can transform a face to make it smile, look younger, look older, or change gender.

  • Add two different smile modes to images
  • High-speed analysis of images sent to the server
  • High security enough to hold user information
  • Make the face older or younger
  • Unrivaled ability to change sex with Amazing Artificial Intelligence
  • Auto retouch and eliminate wrinkles on the face
  • Accurate Sorting of Different Modes to Make Changes in Images
  • Create intriguing and unique collages in the app’s core environment

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6.0.590 for Android

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Now Download Free TubeMate APK | Latest version


TubeMate YouTube Downloader for Android

we inserted completely  secured download links & free from Virus/Malware, In order start download must verify that you’r  a Human….

In these days each and everyone know about Youtube. Which is portal owned by Google and also most viewed site on the internet? Youtube is used to host music videos, tutorials, full movies, YouTubers, jokes, pranks and many more. If in the case when you want to download the most of the contents without having an internet connection. Then you need to download the TubeMate Apk which is known as the youtube downloader. Whenever you install this latest TubeMate 2019 on your android then you need to hold a local copy of any of the videos which are hosted on this web, it basically requires us to have a 3G, 4G, 5G data connection or a wireless network just to be able to watch them.

Major Features Of TubeMate APK

  • In this latest TubeMate APK you can able to download videos (MP4 or GP4 format) and also able to extract their audio( MP3 Or AAC format).
  • TubeMate is a built-in search engine.
  • TubeMate is one of the APK which you can able to use easily because of its simple interface.
  • And also this amazing TubeMate APK will able to choose between different resolutions.
  • TubeMate is also known as Built-in multimedia player which is used to play the downloaded files.
  • In this TubeMate you can also find the option which is used to pause and resume the downloads.
  • And also this latest TubeMate APK 2019 is compatible with several simultaneous downloads.
  • And also TV synchronization.

Space7.6 MB
Publish Date19-09-2019

Simple And Easy Steps To Install The TubeMate APK On Your Android

  • Firstly you need to check whether the APK has been downloaded or not.
  • Then you need to go to the Android and settings, in that hit on the security option,
  • After that select the unknown source and enable it.
  • Then visit the file where your Tubemate Apk has been downloaded and stored on.
  • Then simply open it from the download menu and hit on the file to run and setup.
  • After that, you need to agree with all the permissions which TubeMate APK asks and then hit on the install the TubeMate APK file.
  • You need to wait for some time until the download completes So that now you are able to watch movies and TV shows online on your Android.

Steps To Download And Install TubeMate APK on PC

  • Firstly you need to download and install the Android emulator on PC.
  • By clicking on its icon you can able to access its home screen.
  • Then you need to hit on the search icon, In that, you need to type TubeMate in the search field, And then hit on the Search play for TubeMate which is at the bottom.
  • Then just tap on the appropriate TubeMate icon to install it.
  • Then you need to wait for some time until the installation process of TubeMate APK to complete.
  • Then you need to go back to the Bluestacks home screen, in that select all apps, so that you can able to find TubeMate APK which is there for using on PC.

Best Way To Connect TubeMate To Tv

This TubeMate Apk will allow you to cast content to other devices, by using streaming. example your home TV. In that case, you need to follow the below steps.

  • First, you need to go to the settings> connect the TV.
  • And then you need to search for the youtube on your smart TV or the Playstation or Xbox consoles.
  • Then you need to find the configure device option on the settings page.
  • Finally, you need to type in the synchronization code and also the name of the TV on TubeMate.

So that now you can able to mirror any content that you have downloaded, No matter whether it is sound or image.

 TubeMate APK Advantages:

  • TubeMate Apk is the only application for the Android operating system which really downloads the videos from youtube to your phone.
  • In this latest TubeMate Apk including interface which is similar to youtube, you can able to browse the videos simply, similarly in the way you do it in the official Youtube application.
  • TubeMate Apk consists of the multiple connections which are available you to download the videos faster.
  • TubeMate Apk not only supports 240p and 360p but also it used to support high definition 1080p. Which is combined with another app called MP3 media converter.
  • And also it mostly has known an app which enables users to download the videos from the youtube. And also you can able to download from the different sites like Daily Motion, Vimeo.
  • And also most importantly in this TubeMate Apk, you are going to find another section to keep the record of tall the downloaded videos and also downloading.

TubeMate APK Disadvantages:

  • You are unable to all the videos which are unfortunate for sure.
  • The thing is you can able to download only the high-definition videos with support because it requires the MP3 media converter which is used to complete this task.
  • And also in our research, we came to know that many of the users of this TubeMate Apk are complaining about its often crashes which are known as this TubeMate is pretty unstable.
  • When you are going to download the videos you need to stay in the better network mostly try to prefer wifi. Because it is really very difficult for the users to download when they are in a 2G network.

Final Verdict

Generally, this TubeMate YouTube downloader is used to enable you to quickly access search, share, download youtube videos. Since its downloading always happens in the background, when you go on watching youtube videos and suffering from the internet, tweeting and listening to your music as you, then in that situation this amazing TubeMate application will help you a lot. At the time when you want to download the video from the TubeMate Apk, the thing you need to do is just look for any video on the search bar of App then you need to hit on the green arrow which is located in the bottom of the screen and then select the quality of the video


Downloading all sorts of videos from YouTube, even if you only want the audio, is really easy using TubeMate. The first thing you have to do is make sure that TubeMate is working with YouTube, in the top left-hand corner you can select the different services by pressing the icon with three horizontal lines, or also by swiping your finger from the left-hand side of the screen towards the center.

The main function of both applications is to download videos from the Internet. And we’re talking about the core function because, although Tubemate can also be used for that purpose, Vidmate offers us quite a few more functions. But we’ll get back to that later.

  • This app is the only app for the Android operating system that really downloads videos from YouTube on your device.
  • With an interface similar to YouTube, you can also browse the videos easily just like when you do it via the official YouTube application.
  • There are multiple connections available for you to download the videos faster.
  • You have the option to pause and resume your download from anywhere.
  • Even so, not all videos can be downloaded, which is such an unfortunate, for sure.
  • As we have hinted above, you can only download the high-definition videos with support since it requires an MP3 media converter too to complete this task.
  • Unfortunately, many users complain about how this app often crashes, meaning that this app is pretty unstable.

Downloading TubeMate is legal but whatever you do with it may not be so. The application itself warns us as soon as we download it that it has been developed for personal and private purposes only. In other words, the user can download videos to play them offline only if they are to be watched privately. Its conditions forbid the redistribution of those contents, by means of any channel, and obviously cannot be involved in any commercial transactions.

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5 Best Free Worthy Websites YIFY, Seeker, Movies, Open, English To Download Any Subtitles

Now Download Subtitles to Loved Movies/Shows to Convert

  • Insert SRT, SSA, or ASS subtitle files to any video
  • Save your favorite movies and shows more easier with subtitles on your devices.
  • Click on search and enter your loved one, watch them later on any device
  • Get the app now and work and watch any where
  • Free to Use and Download

Now Free To Watch Foreign language Fims/Shows

Subtitles are very tend and handy to learn a new language. Their are many people presently feels more tend to learn things more faster compare when there is a visual factor connected to what you’re learning while they are many to hate subtitles because they tend to cover little content and there are some who can’t watch a movie without them. In this subtitles are main important part in any movies or shows because watching movies or shows with subtitles is great and tend because subtitles can help you to understand more better in what the actor informing, mainly when watching foreign movies or shows with heavy accent subtitles helps you more and more to understand easily.

Only 5 Steps To Download Any Movies/Shows Subtitles 

Their many problem facing by user like in some devices it fails to read or download subtitles file property. But here you won’t face any problem by downloading above given links just follow here given steps and run as per your requirement….

  1. Download above given link…
  2. Add the video files which your need to get subtitles….
  3. Add a subtitle file you want to insert your subtitles into
  4. Adjust the desited settings.
  5. Embed the subtitles into the video

Those subtitles is an essential part of content streaming in world wide, not only for understanding also it makes more easier for other people to understand and learn more languages that are not native to subtitle users.

One of crucial part of any movie or TV series or shows that you can download or watch in online by below given links easily…. Now some people present everywhere the subtitles scene has never been better, on Internet their are multiple sites to give a first response to making or generation the subtitles for movies or shows. It mainly helps to identify the objects or many other necessary things that are easy to mind it.

There are number of people to likes to downloading and hobbies on streaming with latest movies and shows in different languages like  Indonesian subtitles, Chinese subtitles, and more. In that other languages need must subtitle to get more idea on stream. If a movies you’re watching which absent of subtitles? you may want to know where you can download subtitles for free and secure. Here i’m (SAI) sharing most popular and easier layout websites for free download with presenting native subtitles……

YIFY Proxy – Fastest & 100% Safe Proxies And Mirrors Sites | FAQ’s & 13 Alternative’s


YIFY Subtitles


You know YIFY Subtitles advertising reaches 17M visitors across desktop and mobiles web and one of greatest website that is which updated regularly and user friendly interface which allow you to search for desired subtitles according to your native language and genre, in countries such as India, Philippines, United States, Brazil, Malaysia you can get pricing models they offer are CPM on channels such as Display, Mobile, Email, Social Advertising on YIFY Subtitles will allow you to reach consumers in industries or vertical. To its attractive apperance here you can also see heavy features like to separate subtitles based on genre, ranging from action, romance, comedy documentary and many more…

Here you can gather completely latest and most popular movies to stream with subtitles. And they listed marketing and advertising contacts list which given here for you,,,,,,,,,,, 

Yify subtitles works with top most popular companies such as Google Remarketing, Facebook Exchange FBX, Atlas, AppNexus, Perfect Audience, DoubleClick.Net, AdRoll, BuySell Ads, Google Adsense, Triggit, Facebook Custom Audiences, Bizo.

Download Subtitles for YIFY YTS Movies.

  • Global Rank:


Subtitles for YIFY and YTS movies.

  • Global Rank:


Subtitles in any language For movies

  • Global Rank:


Here informing you that YIFY subtitles are not releated to YIFY torrents. Its just run as other websites and the advertising annoy you. Fret not, you will not encounter any pop up ads- but the usual clickbaity content ads. And if you are using Firefox with content blocking enabled, you won’t notice it though it don’t show the ads you can get variety of subtitles on this YIFY Subtitles sites.

Now shall go to site ratings as well as the year of release for all the uploaded movies. Remember while you downloading a subtitles you will be directed to a PDF page which is a bit tricky.

if you are looking to gather subtitles form box office movies that are being hit in theaters you can look in the given link   ( )

In my way this YIFY Subtitle is quite famous and most selected by users..:)


English Subtitles

 Here You wont get for only single language they provided a variety of places languages and downloads and English subtitles also give that you must have to try. Those subtitles are not only gives you translations on western films to native slang but also recommends subtitles from Indian films and other popular series, gangs. Though you can view here multiple benefits to choose this website and one of best way to download/stream movies subtitles for free.

This is most useful to view who do not understand other/native language. They can use for multiple option like to translations, transcription or translation of the dialogue also for instance subtitles for a foreign films and closed captions meant for deaf and hard of hearing audience members.


Free subtitles in all languages

  • Global Rank:


Download subtitles for movies and series

Global Rank:

  • 22,838

Subs.Dog is biggest online platform 

Global Rank:


Closed Captioning(CC) and subtitling are both processes of displaying text on a TV, VS or other  display to provide multiple options or Interpretive information. This can be selectively turned on or off while watching a video. Before a print of film has substitles permanently added to the video, there you can observe the assumption and there’s no difference between the content of the subtitles.

English subtitles can offer you similar scale of the database with a variety of subtitles available for movies and show in any languages. This website user interface more easier and best around with lots of advertisements that may look like legit content and give download button to more easy.

But you need press the download button twice, it takes you to the same page with a re-named button to let you download, and no ads will see you here because to make less disturbance to there users. You will get subtitles for foreign languages as well English.

ThopTV APK 18.0 Download Latest Version For Androids/IOS/Windows/Linux(64 Bit & 32 Bit)


Open Subtitles

One of best third party vendor to download every movie/show subtitles and most popular website by their regular users. Compare with other Subtitles open subtitles is one of the biggest database for subtitles with a tremendous variety of languages. And the primary reason behind it is that it features variety of subtitles though won’t judge by the numbers you will find subtitles for a bunch of foreign languages.

This website contains with advertisements but not much compare with other websites and simple and easy to use moreover the most recently added subtitles are showcased on the sites on homepage itself, here you can observe promotions by site like please install an add-on for chrome/Firefox to get rid of the advertisements when your are looking for download this you can perform in both movies and TV shows.

DivX SubTitles – Best place on the net 

Global Rank:


telecharger des films en qualite dvd,divx…..

Global Rank:


Movie Categories | Ultra Vid

Global Rank:


Please if possible ignore given pop-ups the subtitles download start right after you click on download button. I din’t encounter any pop-up ads when i downloaded a subtitles to test on internet, moreover you can download any subtitles in any languages and you’re likely to find subtitles in any languages. One of biggest search tool that lets you filter your searches by Years, Country, type/genre, season anyway my best one that you’ll find online.

Simple process to download any subtitle from open subtitle, type the name of the movie or show, tab on enter next you will find a wish to hit download button automatically. Just it will need your answer to editing to be more helpful in one or more ways. provide little information to get more topic and experience or expertise in the topic.



Movie subtitles is one of best site to learn & translate languages for movies subtitles. If you looking to change subtitles just download movies subtitles or click on given link and it will be more exceed your expectations. The site can undeniably be termed as a chief arsenal for subtitles as is boasts about 1.14 L subtitles in total and you can also search more 19,000 movies. Here if you download any particular subtitles it would fetches like a zip file which is required to be unzipped in order to enjoy any particular present on the very right side of the website. which assists you to abruptly estimate its exquisite variety of contents and their you can search more than the site encompasses about 13 languages, such as – English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German etc…..


Your leaked IP address 185.983.13.19 Never download any torrent file before hiding you IP addresss

Here you can enjoy biggest advantage by offering multiple languages for movies subtitles. If you want to search latest or old movies subtitles just click on search option and enter what you need as well as those that have been downloaded for many times.

One of ever seen best site to search and download subtitles for any of your favourite series painlessly. And site designed with complete neat and perfect layout without any problem to user interface. Also you can see here completely exhibited with subtitles for latest and most popular movies and shows. Just give a click on loved subtitles and tab on download button get secure and speed, while this you can also use any third-party file extraction apps such as ZArchiver or WinZio to unrar the file & get your subtitles in srt format, movie subtitles is a great place for download or stream movies/ shows subtitles for films.

Here you can download/watch only for movies and shows. One of biggest subtitles generator is named Movies Subtitles for movies and TV films. All subtitles here are packed with Winzip/Winrar you must unpack to use it. They have subtitles can see in multiple languages what you need or native.


Subtitle Seeker

 One of best meta search engine to search movies/show subtitles Also it can track its own database of contribute subtitles by the way it pulls in and combines results from 20 different subtitles sources to make easy to view. You won’t find a more comprehensive search tool anywhere else.

Though its one best and biggest selling point of subtitlesSeeker moreover its layout and complete design will be neat and perfect with secure servers. Arguably cleaner and easier to user than Subscene’s interface. The main page will be completely search bar and a word cloud based on most searched terms and lists for most popular subtitles like movies or shows…..

Which a simply get to navigate season wise, episode wise and selection of time & data with languages to search your loved stream.

By the way subtitlesSeeker also open with Home page, in that you will directly Newest Movies, TV shows, Newest TV Episode, and most popular movies, shows, episodes. If you only watch movies or shows a subtitles which these pages can comes in quite handy.

You can search for multiple languages like English, Spanish, Romanian, Turkish, and French plus dozens of other supported languages with thousands of results each. I recommend this site for foreign languages needs since most subtitles sources are English Centric…

 Unlike the remainder, SubtitleSeeker is largely a meta database program that serach content form over more than 20 subtitle websites.

In internet their are number of sites to show needy language subtitles, but compare with other it will perfect and simplest subtitles search tool on the net. And interface will be straightforward to use alongside zero ads. Higher interface without any disturbance like ads, here you won’t see any ads placements.

one of best wonderful that it permits you to make a choice between completely different languages. helpful for individuals with other languages want to convert subtitles websites mostly focus on English.

Multi Download

Forget one by one downloads with any tools which given above, You can download subtitles for as many movies/shows at the same time as you like simultaneously and less risky.

Automatic Download

With Given tools can watch a folder on your computer you define for new movies files. Once there is a new movies files, here you can download latest new movies automatically..

Powerful Subtitle Search

Here given tools are with biggest database servers you can search as per you requirements easily with using movies names , IMDB ID's or Simply drag and drop the movies files....

Multi Upload

Just forget old version tools, Here given tools are perfect to upload multi subtitles for as many movies at the same time as you like simultaneously and effortlessly.


Machine Liker APK|Download Latest Version 1.3 For Free | Android


Machine Liker 1.0 for Android

we inserted completely  secured download links & free from Virus/Malware, In order start download must verify that you’r  a Human….

Generally machine liker is known as the one of the best auto liker which has been released and it is right now available on android phones and also in tablets. This machine liker apk has been developed and updated by the machine liker.

Machine liker apk is an all in one and also it is known as the one Facebook auto liker apk. This latest Machine liker apk will help you to get the more Facebook likes on your Facebook profile such as photos, videos, comments, status and many more. This Machine liker apk is an complete free of cost and also safe to use in Android.

Latest Peggo 2.0.8 For Android YouTube To Mp3


Downloading And Installation Process Of The Machine Liker APK:

It is the time to know much more about the Machine liker so that you need to download the Machine liker apk by using the link which we have provided in this article. After that you need to follow the below steps to install this amazing application called Machine liker apk.

  • In your very first step you need to open the Android settings, Then you in android settings you need to hit on the security button
  • After that you need to enable the install apps from the unknown sources. which is from the device administration.
  • Then you need to click on the above link to download the machine liker apk on your android.
  • So that you need to save this file in the download folder which is in your device.
  • After that you need to locate the file and hit on it. And now just hit on the install button.
  • Then you need to wait for some time until the installation get finish.
  • When it is done. Now you need to login with your Facebook account to begin the sending likes right from now.

Machine Liker APK Previous versions

Machine Liker APK 1.3

Requires: Android

5.3 MB

Update on: 2017-08-28

Machine Liker APK 1.2

Requires: Android

5.3 MB

Update on:2017-07-14

Machine Liker APK 1.1

Requires: Android

5.3 MB

Update on:2017-07-13

Machine Liker APK 1.0

Requires: Android

5.3 MB

Update on:2017-07-05

Major Features Of This Machine Liker Apk:

  • Unlimited likes: It is one of the best reason that why we have to download this amazing application called machine liker apk. This machine liker apk will help you to give the unlimited number of the likes on your Facebook posts. There is no matter whether it is a photo, video or a normal text post. By using this machine liker apk you can ale to get likes on it.
  • Facebook Analyzer: The machine liker is also comes with an amazing feature called Facebook analyzer which is used to allow you to track your activity and also likes right on the app. With this amazing feature you can also able to know the latest received likes and also the total number of likes on your post. At the time when you are looking for a tool which is used to maximize the the reach and also the potential of your Facebook profile page. Then must and should you need to install the latest version of the machine liker apk.
  • Machine Liker Apk is 100% safe and free to use: Whenever you are downloading the Machine liker apk on your android by third-party but not from the Play store it doesn’t mean that it is not a safe app to use. Machine liker apk is an safe app and also your will be safe even when you are logged with an your original account. Only because of its autoliker feature it is not available in the Play store. So need not to worry it completely Safe and secure application to use.

Keep notice that when you start geeting likes by using this software there is no need of any access token. keep it mind that is completely safe and real and also 100%  working software for the Android Facebook users.

Latest SHAREit APK 

Final Verdict:

Finally this is an complete information about this amazing machine liker apk application.And now you can able to download this amazing application Machine liker. And most importantly by using this amazing application Machine liker apk you can able to get easy and unlimited likes on your Facebook posts, photos, videos with out paying any amount.

At the time when you want to use this machine liker apk on your PC by using android simulators like blue stacks and Nox player so that you can able to machine liker on PC. So download this amazing application Machine liker apk on your Android device enjoy it.

Machine Liker FAQ'S

  • 100% NO SPAM!
  1. Machine Liker APK install size is 5.3 MB
  2. This app is from APKBucket Editorial
  3. Main category is Social and parent category is Apps
  4. Last updated date is May 3, 2019, 12:11 p.m
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  • Increase the number of likes exponentially.   
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  1. Machine Liker App only works with public Facebook profiles, if your Facebook profile is private change it to the public before using the Machine Liker App.
  2. Make sure to post all the post either Photos or Video in Public mode if you want to generate likes, If your profile if not private, your account will be visible to the general public and Facebook will not be able to generate likes and viewer for your posts. make your post public so that people can see you and like your post.

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1.2 for Android

Auto Liker

1.5 for Android


Claim To Download ‘The Sims 4’ EA Origin For PC/MAC Limited-Time | Official website

We inserted completely  secured download links & free from Virus/Malware, In order start download must verify that you’r  a Human….

 In this Sims 4 is a latest version with complete updated features, Here can see that 4 focuses on creating and controlling a neighborhood of virtual people called SIMS. In this fourth installment in the sims franchise boasts an overhauled and intuitive creat a SIM, with new trails, emotions, updated building tools and deeper with more complex sims….

Whatever it be, Sims 4 was released in North america on sept 2 2014 and in other place world wide shortly that only for PC’s but there is difference between PC’ s and MAC’s because For mac they announced at the same time but release date was not specified until the 2015, in early they released on FEB 17, 2015, Her can look gap between PC and MAC. Later coming another latest version named as console of the Sims 4 were released on November 17, for Xbox one and playstation 4. Even this si the first and full base game and content packs that only for consoles, here compare with previous iterations which a watered down versions of the game was used.

Here given sims 4, is the latest games and one of most popular Sims series that we all knows one thing should know it is completely free to download and ride. And the version for standard PC of the game publisher, EA until to May 28th through the EA origin launcher.

In this get your premier, Go and play the full game before lunch get new EA games First, access to a huge collection its your time to play whenever you want and get high discount 10% on Origin digital Purchase(only for PC) 

In this download we can see two options in this standard version which standard version, which comes with quality features named normal run paid $40 and the $50 for more high quality features named deluxe version. You can also work with deluxe copies which includes the base games plus the DLC packs like of the party, Up all Night and the Awesome Animal hats pack, Plus a digital copy of the sims 4 soundtrack which compare with Normal version contains only base Sims 4 game.
 If you prefer only the standard version of the sims 4 can go with free during this deal, the digital Deluxe version is included as a part of the free game library for perfect EA access subscribers but paid service either can go with $5 per month or $30 per year.
Is Is a one best video gaming subscription service which you can get it only on Playstation 4 and Xbox one that lets you play EA’s best games as much you want. Download and play the best and great games from series like battlefield. FIFA, Mass effect and more attractive games can make here.

With this expansion you can get experience with a new adventures and life in the city, just on click you can join in unique clubs or get to work with exciting new careers.

Whenever option is pick by you it automatically shows you multiple opportunities to purchase any of the numerous sims 4 expansion packs and deluxe copy item for offerable prices and 10 percent discounts from their shown price while that free download promotions. 

The digital deluxe comes with a few out of the box, You paid amount will get you exact value because this expansion packs you can get tons of new contetn to the games like new outfits and customizations options for your sims new gameplay scenarios and tons of new items to collect in your game with this you can reach final step on  sims experience just by sticking to the free standard edition, if your not interested to pay for any upgrades here you can get more snag yourself a free copy of the sims 4.

  • Download and open the EA Origin PC app
  • Sign Up into Origin Account..
  • Next Go to MY HOME tab…
  • click on PROMOTION options…
  • Select EDITION option when promoted….
  • Complete given target to start download….
  • Wait for destine…
  • After destination click on install to start the GAME…


Less than two weeks to go before we hit a big milestone for THE SIMS, You know this over 15th Anniversary on Feb 4. As part of this celebrations, with excitement were announced that THE SIMS 4 is now available on ORIGIN Game Time Yes that’s Right you can play Now the SIMS 4 completely free’ they are glad to welcome you all to get for free…

Now you can download the sims 4 to your origin games library and get hour of simming. All origin users have from  midnight GMT, 23 January, 2015 through 6 p.m. GMT 2 February, 2015 to add The Sims 4 Game Time to their Origin Game Library.

When this SIms 4 launched back In 2014, it was widely considered to be a little on the scant side, having ditched features from previous games and most notably the open-world structure of its predecessor – to create a quality compact, focussed life sim experience. That’s not to say it was a dud, though; the series’ endless loops of busywork were as mesmerising ever, and significantly bolstered by powerful character customisation, building, and social tools, that placed much greater emphasis on personalisation and creativity.

You will get here more substantial experience than it was at launch courtesy of over six expansion pack and seven games pack with 14 stuff packs and a raft of free updates its cost nearly at £34.99 per expansion, £17.99 per Game Pack, and £9.99 per Stuff Pack, going all-in is an expensive proposition.

Even so and i say this as someone who tumbled right back down and this type of promotions you will see until may 28th, while the sims 4 hole after a long term away there’s a more than decent amount of entertainment to be found in the omniscient manipulations of the standard game alone, particularly for those of a creative dispositions, at any way if you’ve been curious to familiarise self with the sequence now is probably the perfect time while the sims 4 is discounted to zero pence on origin.

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Cheats for The Sims 4

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The Sims™ FreePlay

5.48.1 for Android

The Sims™ Mobile

16.0 for Android


The Sims 4 Cheats, Codes, Vampire & unblocks With Console Cheats

We already know that sims 4 has been around for more than Five years now, but at that time has spawned a whole host of expansion and is still immensely more famous. If you heard about this already then here we return to you the complete information about the sims 4 cheats that you can enter to make your life more easier, and you can collect here more quality information with the news that the sims 4 is free on Origin for a exact time, a whole new group of player are flocking to check it out. We’ve got the pick of the sims 4 cheat codes laid out right here for you, here we explained more easier method to get a free simoleons, to edit your sims needs or grad some special items without putting the work in first then looks no further.

This Sim 4 vampire given formations is completely tested and safe to use, Also here given cheat code added page and explained information is a new cheats.
Requires The Sims 4 Vampires, easy to change your sim into a Vampire, Give them Free Power Point, Unlock Power and Max Out Skills. Use the cheat Console by given Step…..


Remember input the cheat code testing cheats true first before entering the cheats below.

The Sims 4: According to Vampires game pack it has been out for Six hour and twistedMexi has come through with latest updated list of cheats on Reddit once again. If you rank up to a grand master, gaining power perk point to unlock supernatural abilities and maxing out the vampire Lore skill will takes time, but these Vampire cheats will speed up the process…

Turn Sim into a Vampire / Cure Vampire

Cheat CodeResult
stats.set_stat commodity_BecomingVampire 2160Change your Sim into a Vampire in a few days (natural transition)
traits.equip_trait trait_OccultVampireTurn your Sim into a Vampire immediately
traits.remove_trait trait_OccultVampireTurn a Vampire back into a normal Sim

Increase Vampire Rank

Cheat CodeResult
stats.set_stat rankedStatistic_Occult_VampireXP 202Become a Minor Vampire
stats.set_stat rankedStatistic_Occult_VampireXP 630Become a Prime Vampire
stats.set_stat rankedStatistic_Occult_VampireXP 1058Become a Master Vampire
stats.set_stat rankedStatistic_Occult_VampireXP 1486Become a Grand Master Vampire
stats.set_stat rankedStatistic_Occult_VampireXP 1593Max the rank bar

Free Vampire Power Points

Cheat CodeResult
stats.set_stat rankedStatistic_Occult_VampireXP 1593This will max your vampire rank and give you 2 power points.

(Vampire) Skill Cheats

Cheat CodeResult
stats.set_skill_level VampireLore 15Max out Vampire Lore skill
stats.set_skill_level Major_PipeOrgan 10Max out Pipe Organ skill

Vampire Trait Cheats

Cheat Code Result
traits.equip_trait RegainedHumanity Regained Humanity
Vampires with Regained Humanity seem kinder and safer. Sims are more likely give permission to Drink.
traits.equip_trait TheMaster I am the Master
I am the Master grants supernatural control. Command Powers used on Vampire Offspring always succeed.
traits.equip_trait TrueMaster A True Master
A True Master not only excels at Mind Control Powers, they also have greater stores of Vampire Energy to call upon.

Vampire Death Cheats

Cheat Code Result
traits.equip_trait Vampire_Sun Immediatly turn your Sim into a ghost that died by the Sun. This works on both Vampire and normal Sims.
stats.set_stat commodity_Vampire_SunExposure -100 Kill your Vampire Sim by the Sun.

Unlock Vampire Powers

There Cheat consider two ways, as possible you can do “bucks.unlock_perk {perkname} true” but it will not show yo properly in your power panel.
Another way, correct way requires you to use the full command, including getting your sim’s ID using named as the sims.get_sim_id_by_name cheat.

You can gather here little example if you have a sun weakness equipped, adding a sun resistance will never work.


  • The vampire rank required for the reward must be unlocked first.
  • 40961 tells the game it’s a Vampire Power Perk.
  • {Targetsim} is the Sim ID of the sim you’d like to unlock the perk for.
Cheat CodeResult
bucks.unlock_perk DetectPersonality true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Detect Personality
bucks.unlock_perk BatForm true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Bat Form
bucks.unlock_perk Hallucinate true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Cast Hallucination
bucks.unlock_perk AlwaysWelcome true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Eternally Welcome
bucks.unlock_perk PotentPower_3 true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Occult Student/Occult Disciple/Occult Master
bucks.unlock_perk AlluringVisage_3 true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Vampiric Charm/Vampiric Allure/Vampiric Fascination
bucks.unlock_perk VampiricStrength_Level3 true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Vampiric Strength/Vampiric Brawn/Vampiric Might
bucks.unlock_perk Command true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Command
bucks.unlock_perk GarlicImmunity true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Garlic Immunity
bucks.unlock_perk VampireCreation true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Vampire Creation
bucks.unlock_perk Mesmerize true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Mesmerize
bucks.unlock_perk NocturnalAffinity_Level3 true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Child Of The Moon/Creature of the Night/Master of Darkness
bucks.unlock_perk IrresistibleSlumber true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Irresistible Slumber
bucks.unlock_perk ManipulateLifeSpirit true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Manipulate Life Spirit
bucks.unlock_perk VampiricSlumber_Level3 true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Vampiric Slumber/Greater Vampiric Slumber/Vampiric Trance
bucks.unlock_perk EmotionalDampening_Level3 true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Dampened Emotions/Suppressed Emotions/Deadened Emotions
bucks.unlock_perk VampireRun true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Supernatural Speed
bucks.unlock_perk NeedsNaughtiness true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Deprive Needs
bucks.unlock_perk ResistanceSolis_Level3 true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Sun Resistance/Greater Sun Resistance/Perfect Sun Resistance
bucks.unlock_perk LoseHumanity_Hygiene true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Odorless
bucks.unlock_perk EmotionalBurst_3 true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Influence Emotion/Alter Emotion/Control Emotion
bucks.unlock_perk MistForm true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Mist Form
bucks.unlock_perk LoseHumanity_Social true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Beyond The Herd
bucks.unlock_perk TameTheThirst true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Tamed Thirst
bucks.unlock_perk LoseHumanity_Fun true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Immortal Pleasures

Reset Vampire Powers

This requires a Sim ID, you can use the sims.get_sim_id_by_name {Firstname} {Lastname} cheat to get your Sim ID from your Sims. {simID} is the ID of the sim you want to reset.

Cheat CodeResult
bucks.lock_all_perks_for_bucks_type 40962 {simID} falseRemove weaknesses but keep the rest of your Vampire Powers.
bucks.lock_all_perks_for_bucks_type 40961 {simID} trueRefund vampire power points and reset the power board.

The SIMS 4

THE SIMS 4 cheat PC

In this games cheating is the biggest part. One of easiest games to access, but its even something we kinda, sorta actually encourages  strap in this content we show to how to cheat in the sims 4, but tell you a few tips on our favorites them sims 4 cheat code, which contains Cheats, Codes, Easter Eggs, Trips And Other Secrets For The Sims 4 For PC…

The Sims 4 Cheat Console

SIMS 4 Cheats – the ultimate resource for cheats, codes, guides and more for The Sims 4 on the PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One and PC!

Here 1st step need to activate any cheat in The Sims $, you’ll find, first need to open the cheat console. To activate you cheat…

  • On PC, hold CTRL and Shift, then press C.
  • On Mac, hold Command and Shift, then press C.
  • On PlayStation 4, hold all four shoulder buttons at once.
  • On Xbox One, hold all four shoulder buttons at once.

After above given follow Next step on the cheat console, after opening above will appear a thin box at the top of the screen. Into that , you can type any cheat keys which given in below of the page, if you need to close cheat console just press on same key or buttons.

Some cheats require you to first this:

testingcheats true

(Note that “true” above can be replaced with the word “on” as well.)

When TestingCheats is enabled, other cheats can also be toggled. To turn off TestingCheats, type this into the cheat console:

testingcheats false

(Note that “false” can be replaced with “off.”)

Additionally, some cheats require shift-clicking Sims or objects on the PC or Mac. To execute a shift-click on consoles, hold Circle and press X (on PlayStation 4) or hold B and press A (on Xbox One).

These are mood buffs available to be used with the “sims.add_buff” cheat command.

Cheat CodeResult
WeenieRoastHost_Bronze+1 Confident / 4 Hours
ConstellationFormations+1 Focused / 6 Hours
CampingForest_Refreshed+1 Happy / 2 Days
WalleyeSurprise_Inspired+1 Inspired / 6 Hours
WeenieRoastHost_Silver+2 Confident / 4 Hours
Confidenthigh+2 Confident / 4 Hours
Flirtyhigh+2 Flirty / 4 Hours
Focusedhigh+2 Focused / 4 Hours
CampingForest_LovesOutdoors_Rejuvenated+2 Happy / 2 Days
HappilyEverAfter_GreatStory+2 Happy / 4 Hours
AGreatScare_GreatStoryteller+2 Happy / 4 Hours
TalesoftheDead_GreatStoryteller+2 Happy / 4 Hours
InspirationalMoral_GreatStoryteller+2 Inspired / 4 Hours
Inspiredhigh+2 Inspired / 4 Hours
ASillyScare_GreatStoryteller+2 Playful / 4 Hours
HerbalistPotion_DisgustingLiquid+2 Uncomfortable / 1 Hour
WeenieRoastHost_Gold+3 Confident / 4 Hours
TreasuredTale_GreatStoryteller+3 Energized / 4 Hours
MagicIsReal_GreatStoryteller+3 Inspired / 4 Hours
SpineTinglingThrill_GreatStoryteller+3 Inspired / 4 Hours
Buff_depressed+4 Sad / 20 Days
CheatingIntensityBuff_Fearless+5 Confident / 20 Days
CheatingIntensityBuff_InTheZone+5 Focused / 20 Days
CheatingIntensityBuff_Elated+5 Happy / 20 Days
CheatingIntensityBuff_Imaginative+5 Inspired / 20 Days
CheatingIntensityBuff_Silly+5 Playful / 20 Days
CheatingIntensityBuff_Passionate+6 Flirty / 20 Days

Sims 4 Parenthood Cheats (Character Value, Traits, Curfew and Phases)

Cheat CodeResult
traits.equip_trait ArgumentativeAdd Argumentative Trait
traits.equip_trait BadMannersAdd Bad Manners Trait
traits.equip_trait ChildhoodPhase_BearAdd Bear Phase
traits.equip_trait ChildhoodPhase_ClingyAdd Clingy Phase
traits.equip_trait CompassionateAdd Compassionate Trait
traits.equip_trait ChildhoodPhase_DistantAdd Distant Phase
traits.equip_trait EmotionalControlAdd Emotionally Controlled Trait
traits.equip_trait GoodMannersAdd Good Manners Trait
traits.equip_trait IrresponsibleAdd Irresponsible Trait
traits.equip_trait ChildhoodPhase_LoudAdd Loud Phase
traits.equip_trait ChildhoodPhase_MeanStreakAdd Mean Streak Phase
traits.equip_trait MediatorAdd Mediator Trait
traits.equip_trait ChildhoodPhase_PickyEater_AAdd Picky Eater Phase A
traits.equip_trait childhoodphase_PickyEater_BAdd Picky Eater Phase B
traits.equip_trait childhoodphase_PickyEater_CAdd Picky Eater Phase C
traits.equip_trait childhoodphase_PickyEater_DAdd Picky Eater Phase D
traits.equip_trait childhoodphase_PickyEater_DisgustedByFoodAdd Picky Eater Phase E
traits.equip_trait childhoodphase_PickyEater_FAdd Picky Eater Phase F
traits.equip_trait ChildhoodPhase_RebelliousAdd Rebellious Phase
traits.equip_trait LifeSkills_ResponsibleAdd Responsible Trait
traits.equip_trait UncontrolledAdd Uncontrolled Trait
traits.equip_trait LifeSkills_UnfeelingAdd Unfeeling Trait
curfew.set_curfewQuickly change the curfew of the current household. Valid values for are 19, 21, and 23.
traits.remove_traitArgumentativeRemove Argumentative Trait
traits.remove_trait BadMannersRemove Bad Manners Trait
traits.remove_trait ChildhoodPhase_BearRemove Bear Phase
traits.remove_trait ChildhoodPhase_ClingyRemove Clingy Phase
traits.remove_trait CompassionateRemove Compassionate Trait
traits.remove_trait ChildhoodPhase_DistantRemove Distant Phase
traits.remove_trait EmotionalControlRemove Emotionally Controlled Trait
traits.remove_trait GoodMannersRemove Good Manners Trait
traits.remove_trait IrresponsibleRemove Irresponsible Trait
traits.remove_trait ChildhoodPhase_LoudRemove Loud Phase
traits.remove_trait ChildhoodPhase_MeanStreakRemove Mean Streak Phase
traits.remove_trait MediatorRemove Mediator Trait
traits.remove_trait ChildhoodPhase_PickyEater_ARemove Picky Eater Phase A
traits.remove_trait childhoodphase_PickyEater_BRemove Picky Eater Phase B
traits.remove_trait childhoodphase_PickyEater_CRemove Picky Eater Phase C
traits.remove_trait childhoodphase_PickyEater_DRemove Picky Eater Phase D
traits.remove_trait childhoodphase_PickyEater_DisgustedByFoodRemove Picky Eater Phase E
traits.remove_trait childhoodphase_PickyEater_FRemove Picky Eater Phase F
traits.remove_trait ChildhoodPhase_RebelliousRemove Rebellious Phase
traits.remove_trait LifeSkills_ResponsibleRemove Responsible Trait
traits.remove_traitUncontrolledRemove Uncontrolled Trait
traits.remove_trait LifeSkills_UnfeelingRemove Unfeeling Trait
stats.set_stat lifeSkillStatistic_ConflictResolution Sets Conflict Resolution Value | should be a value between -100 and 100
stats.set_stat lifeSkillStatistic_EmotionalControl Sets Emotional Control Value | should be a value between -100 and 100
stats.set_stat lifeSkillStatistic_Empathy Sets Empathy Value | should be a value between -100 and 100
stats.set_stat lifeSkillStatistic_Manners Sets Manners Value | should be a value between -100 and 100
stats.set_stat lifeSkillStatistic_Responsibility Sets Responsibility Value | should be a value between -100 and 100

These codes require you to enable testingcheats. These will unlock perks used in retail stores, so make sure you are actively using the sim(s) that own said retail store.

bucks.unlock_perk AdditionalWorker_1 trueAdditional Employee #1
bucks.unlock_perk AdditionalWorker_2 trueAdditional Employee #2
bucks.unlock_perk DescreaseRestockingCost trueCheaper Restocking
bucks.unlock_perk CustomerBrowseTime trueCurious Shopper
bucks.unlock_perk CheckoutSpeed_Large trueFaster Checkouts (large)
bucks.unlock_perk CheckoutSpeed_Small trueFaster Checkouts (small)
bucks.unlock_perk RestockSpeed_Large trueFaster Restocking (large)
bucks.unlock_perk RestockSpeed_Small trueFaster Restocking (small)
bucks.unlock_perk InstantRestock trueInstant Restocking
bucks.unlock_perk ImproveManagementSocials trueMega Manager
bucks.unlock_perk StorePlacard_2 truePlacard: Fobbs 500
bucks.unlock_perk StorePlacard_1 truePlacard: My First Simoleon
bucks.unlock_perk PedestalMimic trueProvocative Pedestal
bucks.unlock_perk RegisterMimic trueRegister of Tomorrow
bucks.unlock_perk CustomerPurchaseIntent trueSerious Shopper
bucks.unlock_perk ImproveRetailSocials trueSlick Salesman
bucks.unlock_perk RetailOutfit trueSnazzy Shirt
bucks.unlock_perk SignageMimic trueStunning Sign
bucks.unlock_perk DecreaseRestocking_Temporary trueSuperfluous Surplus
bucks.unlock_perk SureSaleSocial trueSure Sale

Press Ctrl + Shift + C, type the Cheat/Command into the text box that appears, and then hit Enter

sims.modify_funds +[enter amount]Adds any amount of money.
sims.give_satisfaction_points #Adds specified amount of satisfaction points to current sim
freerealestate {on/off}All homes are temporarily free while the cheat is active. Enter cheat in the Neighborhood screen. If purchased, beware of the Taxes in these lots.
bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlementAll items
ui.dialog.auto_respondBacks out of dialog or makes a choice automatically
soak.create_soak_handyman_situationCall Handyman
soak.create_soak_maid_situationCall Maid
soak.create_soak_party_situationCall Party
aspirations.complete_current_milestoneComplete Current Milestone
aspirations.complete_current_milestoneCompletes current aspiration milestone
sims.add_buff buff_EnragedDeath by Anger
sims.add_buff Buff_MortifiedDeath By Embarrassment – Cause Death Within 5 Hours
sims.add_buff buff_Death_ElderExhaustion_WarningDeath By Exahustion
sims.add_buff Buff_Motives_Hunger_StarvingDeath By Hunger – 24 Hour Death
sims.add_buff buff_HystericalDeath by Laughter
sims.add_buff buff_Death_Electrocution_WarningDeath By Repair
Death.toggleDisables Death
helpDisplays available commands
careers.demote[name of career]Earn a demotion in chosen career
careers.promote[name of career]Earn a promotion in chosen career
cas.fulleditmodeEdit Sim mid game.
soak.enable_soak_handyman_situationEnable Handyman
soak.enable_soak_maid_situationEnable Maid
soak.enable_soak_party_situationEnable Party
testingcheats {true/false}Enable/Disable cheats
quitExits the game.
households.force_bills_dueForce Bills Due
hideheadlineeffects [on|off]Hides all Sim overhead effects such as plumbob, thought balloons and speech balloons.
headlineeffects [off / on]Hides alloverhead effects such as speech and thoughts balloons
objects.consumables_infinite_toggleInfinite Consumables
sims.add_buff Pregnancy_InLaborMake Any Sim or Ghost Appear Pregnant
sims.remove_buff NPC_MaidMake Maid – Turn Off
sims.add_buff NPC_MaidMake Maid – Turn On
relationship.introduce_sim_to_all_othersMakes Acquaintances with ALL sims Note: Includes recently deceased sims. Takes a few seconds to complete.
sims.remove_all_buffsMoodlets are removed
bb.moveobjects [on/off]Move Objects on allows you to completely disregard all of the game’s rules of object placement and place objects wherever you want.
kaching OR rosebudProvides 1,000 Simoleons
motherlodeProvides 50,000 Simoleons
Careers.promote Gradeschool OR Careers.promote HighschoolRaise a Child’s Grade Performance
resetsim (sims first name) (sims lastname)Reset your sim. Ex. resetsim Bob Smith
setage [Age Wanted]Set Sim Age to Adult Note: Exercise caution with this.
relationships.create_friends_for_simSpawn a Friend for Me Note:Spawns a sim on your lot with a 50% friendship status with your active sim.
objects.gsi_create_obj Spawn object
sims.spawnsimple[number of Sims desired]Spawn specified number of Sims (keep the number low to avoid crashes + don’t keep these [])
sims.modify_funds -[enter amount]Subtracts any amount of money.
fullscreenToggles fullscreen.
fps [on|off]Turns the frame rate display in the bottom left corner.

These codes require activating the testingcheats code, and then shift-clicking on a Sim or object or on the ground for the Teleport Sim option.

Add to FamilyAdds the selected Sim to the current household
bb.showhiddenobjectsBuy Debug mode (adds extra objects)
Shift + [Decrease the size of objects that where previously enlarged
Modify in CASEdit selected Sim in Create-a-Sim, except for his or her name and inherited traits
bb.enablefreebuildEdit the hospital, police station, etc.
Cheat Motive, Make HappyFills all bars and gives selected Sim a happy mood
stats.fill_commodities_householdFix a households all needs
Shift + ]Increase the size of objects
Cheat Motive, Enable Motive DecayMotives behave normally
Cheat Motive, Disable Motive DecayMotives freeze
households.autopay_billsPay your bills automatically
Reset ObjectResets the selected Sim or object
Teleport SimTeleports a Sim to the selected point
Make CleanThe object will become clean
Make DirtyThe object will become dirty
bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlementUnlock all careers rewards

First, make sure you have activated the testingcheats code (testingcheats true/testingcheats on). Open the console menu and copy/paste the code below and edit “PlayedSimFirstName PlayedSimLastName” with your Sim’s information and then “TargetFirstName TargetLastName” with your target Sim’s information and a number between -100 to 100. Note that this will only change how your Sim feels, not the NPC Sim.

modifyrelationship PlayedSimFirstName PlayedSimLastName TargetFirstName TargetLastName (-100 to 100) Friendship/Romance_MainCustomize Sims relationships.
modifyrelationship PlayedSimFirstName PlayedSimLastName TargetFirstName TargetLastName 100 Friendship_MainMakes Sims good friends.
modifyrelationship PlayedSimFirstName PlayedSimLastName TargetFirstName TargetLastName 100 Romance_MainMakes Sims soulmates.

Using the console you can enter the codes below for this cheat, this requires “Testing Cheats”. This will automatically set the skill level of your current active Sim. Make sure to replace the with the available options below followed by the level you wish to set it to.


Example: stats.set_skill_level AdultMajor_Logic 8
Result: Will set your Logic skill to Level 8.

stats.set_skill_level skill_Dog 5Max out Pet Training Skill (1-5)
AdultMajor_ActingSelects the Acting skill
AdultMajor_BakingSelects the Baking Skill
AdultMajor_CharismaSelects the Charisma Skill
Skill_Child_CreativitySelects the Child’s Creativity Skill
Skill_Child_MentalSelects the Child’s Mental Skill
Skill_Child_MotorSelects the Child’s Motor Skill
Skill_Child_SocialSelects the Child’s Social Skill
AdultMajor_ComedySelects the Comedy Skill
AdultMajor_HomestyleCookingSelects the Cooking Skill
Minor_DancingSelects the Dance Skill
Major_DJSelects the DJ Skill
AdultMajor_FishingSelects the Fishing Skill
Skill_FitnessSelects the Fitness Skill
AdultMajor_GardeningSelects the Gardening Skill
AdultMajor_GourmetCookingSelects the Gourmet Cooking Skill
AdultMajor_GuitarSelects the Guitar Skill
AdultMajor_HandinessSelects the Handiness Skill
AdultMajor_HerbalismSelects the Herbalism Skill
AdultMajor_LogicSelects the Logic Skill
Minor_MediaProductionSelects the Media Production skill
AdultMajor_MischiefSelects the Mischief Skill
AdultMajor_BartendingSelects the Mixology Skill
AdultMajor_PaintingSelects the Painting Skill
AdultMajor_PhotographySelects the Photography Skill
AdultMajor_PianoSelects the Piano Skill
AdultMajor_ProgrammingSelects the Programming Skill
AdultMajor_ReapingSelects the Reaping Skill
AdultMajor_RocketScienceSelects the Rocket Science Skill
AdultMajor_veterinarianSelects the veterinarian skill
AdultMajor_VideoGamingSelects the Video Gaming Skill
AdultMajor_ViolinSelects the Violin Skill
AdultMajor_WellnessSelects the Wellness Skill
AdultMajor_WritingSelects the Writing Skill
skill_level Toddler_CommunicatonSelects Toddler Communication skill (1-5)
skill_level Toddler_ImaginationSelects Toddler Imagination skill (1-5)
skill_level Toddler_MovementSelects Toddler Movement skill (1-5)
skill_level Toddler_PottySelects Toddler Potty skill (1-3)
skill_level Toddler_ThinkingSelects Toddler Thinking skill (1-5)
stats.set_skill_level AdultMajor_Parenting Sets Parenting Skill

So, whilst in game press: Shift- ctrl + C, then a bar should pop up, type in the bar motherlode,
you should get 50,000 simoleons

Motherlode$50,000 simoleons

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