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Clash of clans:
Clash of Clans apk(COC) is the free mobile crucial game developed by Finnish game developer supercell. The game was published in ios platform August 2, 2012 and playstore for Android on October 7 2013

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What is clash of clans?

Clash of Clans mod apk (COC) is the crucial gaming application the (clash) violence and damaging of the property that members may build and fourtyfive villagers were also establish to secure there clans(a group of members of families). When playing the clash of clans apk the real graphic or real time naturally exprences will  come. Clash of clans mod apk will play with computer, and real life user players.

According to the title of clash of cans mod apk the game which will be armed conflict between the racial Of people which may gives the user gets impressive of violence of damage with real ecostic fightings of soldiers with the graphics. Player is the head of the town. They have to build their own town.

Players may select and unit with existent of the clan they may also join with their own and propose to their friends. Clans may have to prepare their own strategies to establish attack of the other clans
They can undertake the guard for themselves to save the remaining clans of villagers by using the bombs, expliod weapons, missiles, traps, cannons and walls. In the warfare they have own startagies to protect them from the other clans.

Clash of Clans apk is the free downloaded and online game and playing with the multiple players they may communicate with other players. Players may know as clans, troops etc. Which they can earn resources named as gold, elixir. To earning of gems that may helpful to the build the building and protecting of the clans villagers to fight against to the other clans

Main Features :

1) create of your own rule of kingdom into for impossible to stronghold.
2) combat with the total world players gain their trophies with best way of play.
3) You may also invite your friends to build up the clans.
4) Establish the army, archers dragons and other gigantic warriors.
5) War against to the opposing clans by strength of clan wars.
6) Explore of your strategy of game play strick the army of troops, spells and clan reinforcement.
7) Protect your clan villagers with help of cannons, bombs, traps and walls.
8) Give battle against to the Goblin King of campaign.

Advantages and disadvantages:
Clash of Clans apk is the free game with best features playing game as been expect of deep time of playing.
This apk game is quit good for free and high quality of graphics of user interface to the mobile
Clash of Clans apk is the best Adventures and startagic game play with having the graphic purely.
The performance was very stable and gentle
For the tablets, android devices.
The features may fantastic you can communicate with the other player while playing the game with great experiences.
The difficulties is with Goblin Kingdom bombs and troops may restrictions which may capable of war.

Clash of Clans apk for Begginers Tips :

Clash of Clans apk is the famous game play of warriors of fighting with other clans build or worker. The most important play is to remove of other villagers source. If the clans of the players may busy with the build of building then can loose the loots of what before they use. Players had to keep strategy and proper plan to safe gaurd to their villagers and build their families then defend also as possible with hurried. Clans may handle the gems to build up with in the shorten time.
In clash of clans apk the villagers may attack the other villagers with weapons of source to earn gold mine or gold. By earning the gold they may redevelop and protect themself. Players may not to forget the incomplete of the missions to earning of the gems to building.
Joining with the other players the players may brought the instructions to make the clan build and village strong. Gaining and transferring of the troops may get easy by doing that clan may grow up speed.
When the villagers may growing up then able to build the new building which will provides the resources or new tools to defence. Villagers may has to focused on leveling that means they had different stages to grow. Protecting and safe gaurd of the villagers is the important thing they may build or defend while attacking from the enemies. The players may get a notification that someone may attacked of clans families that time clans will plan and ready to face the defences when the enemies forward to clans. Destroying of the other clans resources that may villagers has to rebuild their building click on the graves it will be displayed.

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