Watch Movies And TV series Online for Free and safely | Best 11 Alternative sites for Couchtuner

CouchTuner is a free video streaming site where launched back in 2010 and it soon reached massive amount users to this website over worldwide though viewer are teaching like a best website to collect best shows and movies, However issues about couchTuner’s came finally decided its a safe and legal to use. Website offering a number of television shows/Movies and its a free of cost and won’t require any membership or payments. 

Its an highly preferred website for offering a wide selection of television shows/Movies for free. And informing you that it does not host this content by itself, it just act as a database that will helps to redirect viewers to different streaming websites to make more entertain to site viewers, By surfing on this every one can enjoy more by watching TV shows online for free. Moreover here won’t require any subscription, payments, or even an account.


 Here you can sign up free to get complete access to hundreds of popular TV shows latest movies including shows currently airing on television. The site even shows you ultimate content from premium cable networks such as HBO and ShowTime.

Moreover their are number viewers visited number of sites on internet compare with other sites, CouchTuner will focuses on TV shows. The website shows you can watch from any web browse alsofrom  a kodi device, providing a convenient way to watch the new episodes.


Is Couchtuner Safe or Not?


CouchTuner is like pirate websites, coming this way it is little risk to access without any VPN’s or Proxies on Internet but you can use both paid or free. Not only due to your ISP likely monitoring your online activities, here main you should hide your Internet activities and history to your trackers or internet providers though website itself is not safe. Its comes with little risk like malware posting as ads are a large problem on the service. And its too easy to corrupt your entire system by clicking on the wrong wrong thing.

This site layout is simple and more easier to use, the site also contain an overwhelming number of pop-ups ads or advertisements. Those given ads are comes from third party that they contain malicious code. Here you should check before clicking on ads or pop-ups, never should click on those ads and here more suspicious thing is if you may infect your computer with a virus or malware before you even stream a video/shows. 

Besides the legal issues concerning the site you should be aware of the safety risks. Here uploaded site hosts/videos are huge quantity provided by website, but those videos are not checked by viruses or malware even if you watch it your device will be infected by stream. 

Those videos are not with high quality and the given content itself is poorly organized, which makes can make you hard to find your requirement on the content. However even with all of thees issues, those who enjoy free online streaming can still fulfil their daily needs for TV shows, movies, and other similar content by making use of numerous alternatives to Couchtuner.

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Is CouchTuner 2 Legal or not?

Free video streaming means CouchTune is not a legal. Because owner of the site do not obtain any necessary copyright licenses to legally stream the content that they share

Here their will be high chances to the government to take a action against website like CouchTuner. Because all the provided content is legal and copyright laws area in many regions


If you won’t hide your internet history or activities it may cause you in risky position, almost it is rare for an internet user viewing pirated content to face legal consequences, while this work if your internet provider may punish on your action if here know your internet history.

It is illegal to stream copyrighted content without the copyright owner’s permission it worth every where in Google, this is the main reason CouchTuner will change their domain name continuously why because your ISP block the name. In some countries, ISP restrict the internet bandwidth when customer are watch accessing copyrighted/pirated content. By watching television on this site, your ISP may choose to limit your internet speeds.

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123Movies was the worlds most free movies streaming pirated website on the web according to the MPAA, by this site viewers increased more than 98 Millions in a month. But later it shut down in 2018.

Their some sub-domains as like CouchTuner which are working perfectly.


Couchtuner is most popular and well-know platform that helps to watch TV shows and Movies online. Coucntuner is best and latest way to make you perfect entertain. Its completely free to use and provided huge popular and latest movies and TV shows.

Main Reasons Behind The Banned Of The Website’s Like Couchtuner

In December 2014 the affected ISP’s decided to publish more information about blocking order they received, sites are blocked using various methods across the BIG 5 UK ISPs in accordance with sections 97 of the inserting same designs, copyrights and making same layouts or content makes it difficult to ascertain the extent to which a site is blocked or not.

Why Does Websites Like Couchtuner Not Get Taken Down For Any Copyright Infringement

Here will see two main reasons apart above question…

  1. If a site has banned by copyright that has to be charged by the owner or creator, it is not automatic, Not because it was built that way searching about creator is too costly behind just say they don’t care. If it’s an issue the owner can do something about it.
  2. This is completely happens between plaintiff and defendant, in this local governments body that’s sweeps the internet, looking for websites in their jurisdiction that allow streaming or downloading of copyrighted content without authorization of copied holders.

How to watch Safe TV shows and movies In Couchtune?

Here will provides you encountered solution to watch movies or shows from quite risky, In counhtune given numerous ads as well as malware posing as ads in middle of content, even if you watch any video also your device will be affect by viruses. To reduce this issue here we are giving a short and simple solution to our users to be in safe mode without any troubles at end up. To make this solution better to use VPN’s or Proxies to away from dangerous viruses. Which mostly helps you to protect from unwanted things but also unlock geo-restricted services like HULU..
VPN stands for Virtual Private Netword and these are online service that can protect their users through a combination of secure and safe protocols with strong encryption and large server networks. On internet you can gather more than 100 of VPNs and in those you can see offers and additional features but these three are what they all have in common.

Here can see strong security tips are given here to our users, VPN’s can be a best shield your traffic and make if impossible for anyone to track your details or to see what you do online or internet history, Where encryption comes with extra level of protection, just in case someone manages to obtain your data. It also makes unreadable and many VPNs use the strongest one on the market.

 Our Main suggestion is there are many server networks which contain VPN-owned servers to numerous countries around the world. By connection those VPN’s can hide your IP address easily to your tracker or internet providers. it just replace your IP address and places another un-location IP address with one tied to a specific server, means your location will be changed in just seconds in online. This will makes your safe and geo-restricted sites and bypass censorship introduced by your ISP.  Here you can also unblock any blocked sites in any online streaming service, no matter where you love and what your ISP has to say about it.
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There are many sites like CouchTuner and it helps you to find more sites like similar and maybe your new destination for streaming online content- Here are some of the best couchTuner alternatives are given below. Listed below are some of the best alternatives to Couchtuner movies/shows. Here given alternative will be charge/free both are given here. This is mostly given for information purpose, we never promote piracy. These sites are hand-picked and updated this on 2019.

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Best 11 Worthy Couch Tuner Alternatives & Pro's/Con's

Disclaimer: This site does not store any files on its server. All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties.

#1. SolarMovie

Here you can search any movies you want to watch in online without any instructions, just simply enter album name and tab on search watch watch thousands movies and Tv shows online..

#2. 1337x

One of most popular and preferred site to watch any shows or movies… This is official 1337x website and their working and latetest domains are listed on their Homepage, As of today working without any restriction and use VPN or Proxies to use without any problem.


Trending Torrents, Movie library, TV library, New TV Episodes, Top 100 Torrents, Anime, Applications, Documentaries, Games, Movies..

#3. New Episodes

High and perfect quality streaming can enjoy here. And website layout is under with user interference without any ads disturbance any one can use friendly..

 Browse Here

Aired This Week, Popular, Alphabetically, Schedule,  Episodes…

Best and biggest platform who want to stream online without any paid and this is free streaming website here you can watch any movie, shows ,latest and old movies just on tab, Moreover you can download here without any charges Here you can get updates to face user satisfaction.

Browse Here

Movies, Shows, Music, etc….

#5. Eprojectfreetv

One more good site for streaming in online. And the site is completely neat and perfect user interference site which is good for new users and Best alternative to CouchTuner

Browse Here

Shows, Episodes, Movies

#6. MovieWatcher

One of best Movie streaming site, Here any one can watch all movies and TV series Online without any restrictions and moreover absolutely for free without signup, You will see here daily updates and latest movies with perfect HD quality Movies 720p or 1080p.  Best alternative to CoutchTuner

Browse Here

Movies, Shows, Episodes, Music and regular Updates

#7. RainierLand

Best alternative to CouchTuner and where you can watch perfect quality and completely free movies and shows without any restriction, And can download without any virus/malware risky, Here offers you massive database which non-stop updates.

Browse Here

Movies, Shows, Episodes, Music Free

#8. Flixto

Just on click start watching latest movies and TV shows for free without registration and Best user interference site and without any ads on site with hour to hour updates…

Browse Here

Latest Movies, Episodes, Music and no advertisements

#9. 1primewire

Fastest and easiest site with latest updates on movies, TV Episodes. Here you won’t see any ads because they need a user interference and no charges are applicable for download or watch.

Browse Here

Movies, Episodes ….

#10. HULU

Now get All Your TV In One Place Without any charges, its completely free and the best to watch movies. Here you can get more entertain on watching live sports, news, Entertainment on Hulu. And one best alternative website for CouchTuner..

Browse Here 

Movies, Episodes, Live News, Entertainment, Sports….

#11. Netflix

Here can watch On TV’s,  PlayStation, Xbox, Chromecast, Apple TV, Blu-ray players and more. And more over had this option Save your data and watch all your favourites offline.

Browse Here

Movies, Shows, Episodes, News, Music….

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