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If you’re a movie lover then sure you have go to “ymovies” if you have not missed any latest or old movies yet. is also known as YIFY Proxy/Proxy or YIFY Movies, is the best location to download/stream video’s. YIFy is a haven for all movie lover’s who want to download Hollywood movies in 720p, 1080p, 3D and BluRay then prefer yify stream.

YIFY/YTS Proxy has become a household name for all the torrent/Movie lover who want to watch latest movies on their device. Regardless of genre or the year of release, Yify has been people’s best friend means they visit yify proxy every day/time to watch free movies.

This has started in the year 2010 and when owner of Yts proxy launched at that moment named as YIFY TORRENT WEBSITE by a guy who unsurprisingly was called nicknamed as YIFY. Though in very short period there were millions of visitor’s on the website on a daily basis. Means if you’re a movie/shows/music lover and there’s no movies might have missed yet then you’ve also heard about YIFY. Final this brand has been developed by the user’s.

If you want to use YTS torrent websites then you must create another list of VPN’s that are mostly recommended to every user/exerts to keep go on safe and secure.

  • NordVPN – Best Choice
  • CyberGhost VPN
  • Ivacy VPN
  • Surfshark VPN

What makes YTS / YIFY movie torrents different from others?

Here given YIFY Proxy is worthy to who watch movies on internet, And its free to use and you can save money by using this Yify proxy. User will never be charged to get complete access on the website or unblock Yify movies, and also can direct download movies  in the best quality, including subtitles means ysubtitle in different languages, completely free. Million’s of people are visiting this website, because this website never encourage any restriction’s to download or watch. Though their are many multiple websites on internet but those sites conditions and requirements for accessing the torrents will be highly different.

For there user’s they were provided the best layout and No-ads. Though it rebranded as YIFY Torrents to YTS torrents but its popularity and viewer’s are not decreased because most video’s are available on the site and inserted with perfect HD quality not to mention about the top quality audio encoding of the file. If you download any movie or song it doesn’t occupy much space on user’s computer memory because those given download links are not extremely large.

Still is running one of the best YIFY torrent websites for downlaoding perfect quality movies. And on YIFY Homepage can see wide variety of different content, with as much of it being HQ as possible.

Why To Prefer YTS For Torrents

YTS, or YIFY Torrents, Help you to P2P where you can share downloaded Movies/Music to your friends/relative as free downloads though BitTorrent. Where we see very rare website who provide best and HD quality videos in small file size. This is the main reason such a popular destination reached as soon.

Coming to security, user privacy made as a shield where website did a great job and dedicated a great deal time of security design and will using this with the help of torrent’s or VPN’s no one can identify your browse history or track. This is the main reasons why to prefer YTS/YIFY as a torrent.

And at Yify website you can see wide variety of movies subtitles one more benefit YIFY torrents sites users can find more and more advantages while using this, And they are redirected to a dedicated website, where they feel more secure and easy finding subtitles for any downloaded torrent movie and what is most important they are completely synced with the movies.Despite YTS evolving to a different experience after the original owner shut down the site, you still receive a similar user experience. The benefit of HD videos with short download times still exists when this is your torrenting preference. With this opportunity you can use this platform as a chance to find a new titles that you may not have considered watching.


Warning!!! Your ISP is Tracking your device

Mask your IP address hide before downloading any torrent file for any website like YIFY/YTS. Use a VPN app to hide your Internet browsing history. 

Top Free VPN's For Torrenting


Windows, macOS, and Linux, Android and iOS.

CyberGhost VPN

Windows, macOS, and Linux, Android and iOS.

How Can Help VPN's To YIFY User's To Download Favorite Movies?

On internet we can see number of VPN’s stands for Virtual Private Network. But what exactly use for us paid or Free and which VPN should select how they use for us?

There are many sites where facing country ban/block. If your loved website placed in that list you have to use VPN’s to unblock blocked site as anonymous means while using VPN’s it keeps you securely & safe.

VPN’s have been in the use of big corporations and even law firms for a very long time. A VPN is utilized to encrpt one’s traffic and hide’s your original IP address from tracker’s or Internet provider’s. What you don’t know is that some sites add your IP address to a list which everyone can see it means tracker will see other sites but your real history hides. But which may not always be an advantage to you.

  • VPN users can allow to bypass various regional restrictions related to websites that can only be accessed by user in a particular country
  • Also they allow users to both upload and download any torrent file as you like without anyone to be able to see their real IP addresses.

List of Unblocked YTS/YIFY Proxy and Mirror Sites 


Is YIFY/YTS safe for download torrents Files?

After its founder had retired, the rest of the team changed the name to YTs, although the YIFY websites are still exists. Here user can find much pretty movies with quality format,   When it comes to downloading torrents form YIFY, is it safe or not. Moreover dangers of malicious ads still exist but that is not the only thing should worry about.

Here another many issues included the authorities that are keep searching who downloads content and what they are downloading and IP address. Not to mention copyright trolls, who are doing the same and who might try to send you a legal letter or even request to pay fine amount and they have many Alternatives, your own ISP might figure out that you are torrenting, and depending on the local area’s or country’s laws — they might do anything.

At 1st attempt you can get legal letter or warning you to stop this activities on internet or notifies you authorities and let the law deal with you. If your country’s internet laws are basic and underdeveloped, it is likely that nobody will care what you are downloading.

To skip all this alerts sure to sue a VPN for the best possible experience, there are many user’s are accessing the primary sites today with a standard browser, but there are number of geographic ISP blocks in particular location. Anonymizing your traffic, this will makes diverting your History which helps you to explore downloads on torrent sites.

How to Unblock YIFY/YTS with VPN's

If you love anime and movies then have to prefer the YIFY, where provides numerous opportunities to explore new content. Although there are likely copyright issue involved with most files, Here before streaming or downloading sure have to use VPN for the best possible experience because to avoid ISP blocks. While using this you can surf as anonymous your traffic can divert easily to explore torrents that you want to see.
VPN is world wide common way to get Unblock any website like wise we use here to unblock YIFY. There are number of mirror sites and proxies that allow people to access any website whether it is blocked or ban. And this is best key to hide your accessing/Browsing history if you want to hide complete surfing data then should use a VPN.
VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. User of VPNs are basically using a private network. Using VPN as a YIFY torrents to unblock website means that no one else can see what you’re doing. This doesn’t mean that everything is completely safe when you use a VPN as a YTS proxy.
 But here using paid service keep you more secure Rather can use free one. Those Free or Paid keep you secure in the way networks outside of your ISP. But keep remember that you do get what you pay for, compare with free one you won’t get same features, speed and quality of servers.

yIfy FAq's

If you have ever torrented a movie then chances are you must have downloaded it from YTS. Probably because Yify sites are one of the most popular movie torrenting site in the industry. However, YTS was not always popular.

In fact, it was Yify that dominated the online movie scene with their content presence on major torrenting sites. It was only when Yify received tremendous recognition and fan following that it rebranded itself as YTS.

After becoming the number one go-to site for any movie lover, the site started to rack in millions of visitors per day, not the mention the number of downloads.

Yify has a pretty cool and simple interface.

On the homepage of the website, you will find a popular downloads category underneath which you will see the most trending movies categorized through various genres.

If you are a rather meticulous individual, then you can either browse various categories or directly search for a particular content using the search bar located in the top bar of the YTS webpage.

YTS provides advertising links that appear at the top of the page as a way to generate revenues. These ads are location-based and access cookies, so you will see options based on previous search histories or your home ISP based on your IP address. That is one reason why a virtual private network is an advantage when using this site.

Despite YTS evolving to a different experience after the original owner shut down the site, you still receive a similar user experience. The benefit of HD videos with short download times still exists when this is your torrenting preference.

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